Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Potpourri Wednesday.

Meh. I'm not much in the mood for politics. Plus it is my only day off for the week. I don't want to burn out too quickly, but I did have to throw some spaghetti on the wall and see if any of it sticks:

I went to Target today for a few odds and ends for the kitchen. In the same plaza is the only Chick-fil-A in the area, and I thought I'd get the kids and myself a meal. Now, I don't indulge in fast foods too often, and I figured they'd be busy today with everyone else showing their support... But at 13:00 there was a drive-through line literally two blocks long and the line to the counter came out the door and stretched across the parking lot! There was a wait time of at least two hours. With three kids in tow, I'll just have to support them tomorrow! Still, GREAT SHOW! 

Oh, but if any of you haters waited through the line, the leftists hope you choke to death on that delicious sammich, or have a heart attack. Or both. Whatever. 

A little CFA serenade:

The next thing I had to guffaw at in pretend shock was the story regarding two Chinese, two S. Koreans and an Indonesian getting the boot for cheating at badminton. Whatever the heck that is. Tennis for even bigger wimps than tennis players?

The only thing that really shocked me was that someone had the stones to punish China, no matter how blatantly they were bamboozling it in front of the cameras.

Hell, those Asian coaches even bribe the judges out in the open! Oh, no, wait. They were just appealing a decision. With a fist full of cash. OK. 

 HA! Tell me again why I should be interested in that dog and pony show in Londonistan? Since I'm a chick, I'm not buying the volleyball uniform argument, either. 

(An aside: Londonistanian Olympics will allow a Saudi female to wear a headscarf while competing in Judo. Of course, no one is happy with this. Particularly not the future camel-grappler whose butt she will be able to kick.)

Lastly, and because I think the apathy and ADD are kicking in, I need a laugh. This one did it for me, so I'm sharing:


Mr. Mcgranor said...

You Catholics' try so hard. Like Satan, you never give-up.

Keads said...

Works for me today Brooke!

Alligator said...

You have to take a break once in awhile or it all gets overwhelming. It'll still be there if you decide to pick up the ball next week.

Brooke said...

McG: You guessed my denomination wrong. Better luck next time.

Keads: Thanks, bro!

Gator: I have to take a break, too. I'll run with that ball later. Thanks!

Mr. AOW said...

Mrs. AOW went to Chick Fil A yesterday and brought home a peach milkshake and chicken nuggets for me. She said that the place was packed and that everyone was polite even while waiting through the long line! She also said that the place has good access for my wheelchair. I hope that she will take me out to eat there soon!

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Alright, I gotta order me up some of them blades.

cube said...

I wish I had gotten to CFA yesterday but I was too busy to even take time out for lunch. I have a feeling that this surge of business for them isn't going to subside anytime soon so I will make it up to them. They deserve the business.

Brooke said...

Mr. AOW: That sounds good!

I think you would enjoy going when it's not so packed!

Odie: That even makes me want some! :)

Cube: Agreed. We might take the kids this weekend. Hey, if you all look at my newest post, a FB friend says that if you went to CFA that day you're akin to a Klan member. LOL!