Friday, March 30, 2012


Ugh. Work has been crazy this week, and I've been dealing with not only my insurance company, but another and the supposed owner of the truck that hit me NONSTOP.

It doesn't look good; these people have clearly been giving us a royal run-around. Dave had to call this guy back yesterday and be a bit heavy with him.

So, I haven't had much time for posting or making rounds on everyone's sites. I will soon! I hope!

Here is a bit of a potpourri of stories that caught my interest:

First, a woman is suing McDonald's for not having a proper grievance policy after a franchise manager fired her in the 80's and somehow forced her to become a legal prostitute. No, really. You can't make this stuff up.

Next, we have a couple of examples of religious discrimination here in America... And you won't be surprised that it isn't against Muslims!

A condo association is forcing a woman into taking down her mezuzah, and a man was arrested for daring to real aloud from a Bible in public.

The next story hacks me off; I own a Pitt Bull and she wouldn't hurt a fly; United Airlines has banned the transport of any bully breeds. You know, cause they're so vicious. Bah!

Also, the latest Dis Raps For Hire. A bit blue, but funny!

Finally, I leave you with another great Ramirez cartoon:


Always On Watch said...

Let me clue you in....Many insurance companies will do everything possible to weasel out of paying.

Was the vehicle that hit you stolen?

Was it reported stolen? That's critical if the vehicle was stolen.

Was the driver of the vehicle driving without a license? If so, did the owner of the car full well know that?

The owner's insurance may not have to pay you if the owner of the car was the victim of a crime (car theft) or if the owner of the car willfully allowed an unlicensed driver to use the car. Or so I've heard.

cube said...

Sorry to hear about your hassles with the wreck aftermath. It is a thankless job dealing with insurance companies, but especially so when scumbags are involved.

Ramirez and Madison... spot on!

Thersites said...

...unfortunately, those who get away with the aforesaid abridgements are free to abridge OVER and OVER again... they're called "progressive" Democrats.

Brooke said...

AOW: The truck wasn't reported as stolen, but the co-signer (owner according to the report) says that the people that hit me "did not have permission to have that vehicle."

The driver was/is under suspension. No word as to whether the the owner knew that... But you raise an excellent point. I'm about to call the PD to see if this car was reported as stolen!

Cube: Thanks! :)

Thersites: Indeed.

Brooke said...

I should've said the truck wasn't originally reported as stolen... if what the guy (co-signer/owner) is saying is true(doubt it) it's curious that he hasn't reported it as such. No word back from the PD as of yet.

Always On Watch said...

Will your insurance step in? If the one who hit you (or the owner of that car who hit you) is delaying, your insurance should step in.

I hope that you hear back from the PD soon. In my experience, unless a car accident involves serious injury, the PD is not very responsive.

Z said...

Brooke...Ramirez was syndicated at the L.A. Times till they discontinued him years ago..too conservative :-)

I'm sorry about your car problems.

The rest of your blog?...what can anybody say? This country's gone INSANE...TOTALLY INSANE.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Give em hell every chance you get.

Brooke said...

Will do!