Saturday, March 10, 2012

Gift-Wrapped Election

I made this comment at Z's site regarding energy:

The nominee should point at the pump prices, and say something along the lines of, "Clearly the Democrats in the Senate are in Obama's pocket... But with gas prices soaring, the economy failing and prices at the grocery shelf also soaring as a result we have to ask, WHOSE POCKET IS OBAMA IN?!? Clearly, it isn't that of the American people!"

Well, Obama has ordered the Dems in the Senate to uphold his slaughter of the Keystone pipeline. Only a few Dems with some sort of cognitive ability broke ranks. 

This, with Obama's history, is an absolute gift to the GOP come election time. The nominee need only point to the gas pump, the grocery shelf, the unemployment rate, ect., and then quote Barry Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama himself: 


Z said...

Thanks for the mention, Brooke.

I was wondering if any of our readers LIVE in the states which the Keystone pipeline will affect (Or Effect, damn!)
Maybe I should do a post on that, I'd like to know how the states feel about it.

Ya, he supported higher gas prices in '08 but don't forget his ENERGY CZAR just testified that he thinks it's a good idea NOW. Apparently, we're having our hands spanked with high gas prices so we'll LEARN that GREEN IS BETTER (I'd swear, but you know I don't like to swear in writing :-)

Jeffrey L Watts said...

Haven't you heard? Things are getting better.

I think I'm going to make a sign and put it in one of the low income housing areas that had several Obama signs in 2008:

OBAMA 2008: You lived here.
OBAMA 2012: You still live here.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

This is change ... AND IT AIN'T IN YOU POCKET!

Always On Watch said...

Obama's words about gas prices are ringing hollow. I steeled myself and watched his weekly video address yesterday. I saw it in his eyes: he KNOWS FULL WELL that these rising gas prices will hurt him.

I hope that gas prices go to $10+ a gallon well before the election. All but the most devoted members of the Cult of Obama will turn on him.

Even now, we see the Obama administration trying to create distractions from this Achilles Heel of gas prices. Along the lines of distractions, we find Obama's taking control of the narrative about Sandra Fluke. We can expect more such distractions -- all the way to Election Day. War with Iran will be another of those distractions (although I'm loath to call such a war "a distraction").

I say: Address those distractions here in the blogosphere and face-to-face with as many people as possible, then keep slamming home the rising gas prices and the ripple effects caused by those prices -- and Obama's failures with green energy.

Gas prices are going to tank the economy. In the end, most voters vote their pocketbooks.

What I'm describing will be painful -- very painful. Budget for it.

Brooke said...

Z: Obama's czars do his dirty work.

And you can swear because you're absolutely correct. We children must learn our lesson, you know.

Jeff: I heard that, too. I haven't seen the better, yet.

Considering the foreclosure rates, your sign ought to also say, 2012: NOW you live here.

Odie: It's like the cartoon when the guy turn his pockets out and a moth flies away...

AOW: Obama does indeed know the gas prices are crippling him... Why, then, work so hard to abort the pipeline? From whom is he taking order that are so much more important?

I predict, as I have before, he does a dog and pony 'release' from the strategic oil reserve right before elections to ease prices a bit. Then, he can point to his 'policies' and say they are starting to work, and he just needs a bit more time. After November, fuggetaboutit. We're humped big-time!

Of course you are right about the distractions until then... And I know my household can't budget for any more pain!

beamish said...

I've taken a bit of glee among my Obama-supporting friends to point out that Obama has all but claimed his administration has been the "third term of Bush."


Mr. AOW said...

Obama is all about destroying America. Maybe high gas prices will help some Americans understand what Obama really is.

Brooke said...

Beamish: That's brilliant. It can't be Bush's fault forever.

Mr. AOW: I hope so! I fear, however, that a lot of the idiots will never wake up.

cube said...

I believe BO will pull a stunt right before the election and stammer on about how his policies just need more time. The maroons will vote for him no matter what. Let's hope there are more of us than them.

Brooke said...

I hope so, because that's what it will come down to. If someone stays home because 'I don't like Romney' or whatever, they've truly handed this country a death sentence.

cube said...

I hear you, Brooke.

If Republicans stay home again (the first time brought us Obama), they're much more stupid than I thought.

Imagine a lame duck BO administration.