Saturday, March 3, 2012

Angry White Imam Preaches It

A must-read satire courtesy of AWD:  

Shama lama and great big ding dongs from Allah, infidels! The Imam brings great news of the triumph of Islam over the Great Satan! Yes, infidel dogs, the Great Satan has been humiliated in the eyes of the world! The so-called greatest nation in the world has been brought to its knees by a simple holy man of Islam. An Imam who was born in humble circumstances and grew to be the most powerful man in the world. Yes, I’m talking about Imam Barack Hussein Obama!
Imam Obama has humiliated your Great Satan in front of the Muslim world before! His hatred of America is equal to that of the Muslim world! Imam Obama destroyed the great pride of America once again by apologizing for the burning of Korans by the infidel American military in Afghanistan. Predictably, our crowds of Muslims filled with pretend rage protested in the streets. Predictably, your politically correct, infidel press began non-stop coverage. Predictably, Imam Obama and his lap-dog Generals began getting down on their knees begging forgiveness. And predictably, your weak leaders say nothing when Muslims slaughter American soldiers with weapons that you have provided. So predictable America is these days, infidels!
What a fools game we play with the fools in America! Do any of you PC infidels really believe Muslims are THAT upset about the burning of a Koran? The Imam has to laugh at your PC stupidity! Why, then, do Muslims not show equal rage when other Muslims burn Korans? Or explode mosques? Or kill Imams or other Muslims? Because Muslims are not infected with the deadly poison known as political correctness. The only Gods we follow are Allah and power. One is the means, the other one is the end.
Islam now owns America. An American president apologizing to a nation of uneducated fools was all it took! We have used your pathetic sickness of political correctness against you and we have won. Muslims are now above reproach in America. Muslims are free to do any savage act. We can kill Christians, burn Bibles, kill your soldiers, kill your citizens, kill anyone we want anywhere we want without criticism. Why? Because we will not allow criticism! A Muslim Army Major can assassinate American soldiers at an Army base at Fort Hood, Texas and your weak military Chief of Staff for your president concerns himself with the future of his diversity program!
Any acknowledgement of the truth by infidels concerning Islam will be immediately branded as Islamaphobic or hatred by any number of our bought and paid for politicians or media networks. How ironic the strongest country in the world militarily is also the weakest? America is a man with a loaded gun fighting another with a stone but won’t pull the trigger! And the man with the stone kills the man with the gun. What was the difference between the two men? Will!
And what is the most delightful to watch are the leaders in America who have brought your downfall. Because they are the ones who despise America as much as Muslims! Imam Obama and his political party are your enemies yet control your country. The weak, pathetic Republicans are lapdogs scared of their shadows. Muslims are determined men while your leaders don’t have the courage of school girls we slaughter weekly! Only Allah’s will would have brought America to this sad, pitiful state. Allah’s will, the deceit of devious America leaders and complacency of American infidels!
Good bye, Great Satan. When a country refuses to acknowledge the truth, it is doomed. All your dignity are belong to us now! And we will kill you because of that!


Always On Watch said...

Do any of you PC infidels really believe Muslims are THAT upset about the burning of a Koran? The Imam has to laugh at your PC stupidity!


The West is killing itself.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Brooke, That's a great story, and you tell it so well. You put us right into the minds of those great leaders of the twelfth century. Our PC leaders are afraid of these stone age twits. I for one would turn their deserts into glass to slow down this vile migration.

Jeffrey L Watts said...

These idiots defiled their own Korans by writing in them first to pass info to each other...the burning is an excuse to riot.

Mr. AOW said...

Why Obama waver apologized in the first place pisses me off to no end. We need to get out of Afghanistan because even the ones there who are supposed to be our allies are not. Can't trust 'em!

Brooke said...

AOW: I couldn't agree more!

Odie: This is AWD's post, but he is dead-on and so are you!


Mr. AOW: As with the Mrs., I couldn't agree more!

Black Sheep said...

Yep, that's the reality of it. It's not going to get any better as long as that Sunni Muslim is in office, either.

cube said...

These are frustrating times. We know we have to end this PC nonsense before it destroys this country, but sometimes it feels as though our side is attacking a mountain with a teaspoon.