Thursday, November 17, 2011

Those Bedroom Eyes...

The ambiguously governed 'religious police' of Saudi Arabia now have the authority to order a woman with "tempting eyes" to completely cover herself in some areas.


I really hope that idiots that prattle on about how Sharia law is fair and actually liberating to women could be put in a room with a pack of these barbarian Islamists and see how well they fare.


Chuck said...

Ooh baby, those eyes.

Actually eyes can be alluring. There also very good for seeing where you are going. I can just see the Muslim women walking into traffic.

The idiocy never seems to end.

Brooke said...

I'm sure that since the women aren't allowed out in public by themselves, the menfolk can help guide them around.

As long as you're not on your 'husband's' bad side, or he's contemplating a replacement wife, you shouldn't have to worry about those cars and buses.

Always On Watch said...

Jeepers Creepers, the Sinatra version.

Always On Watch said...

Dean Martin would have had no use for standing on the corner in Saudi. Heh.

cube said...

Unbelievable lunacy from our moslem friends... what a shock.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

We need to arm the woman!

USA_Admiral said...

There is just something wrong with these people (Term used loosely).

Z said...



Brooke said...

AOW: Smooooooth. I just love that stuff.

Speaking of our moon-worshiping 'friends', here's one for you. ;)

Oh, and Sinatra's version, of course!

Cube: I know, right? ;)

Odie: Yes, but first we should teach them not to submit to such men. That teaching is ingrained from the cradle to the grave.

USA: Agreed. People. Riiiight.

Z: I had to look that up; I'd never heard of her. :)

cube said...

Z: lol! I knew exactly what you meant. Whatever happened to Baby Carnes ;-)

Liberty Weeps/ Kell said...

Their most likely seen as competition with the 9 and 10 year old boys and young goats! If theres a bigger threat to America and our way of life, which is actually simply 'enjoying it for as long as possible', it's the goat humpers 1st, lib-prog-tards 2nd, and the current potus 3rd....retards, all of them, though!
WhiteFalcon1 from

How are you enjoying this fine November Ohio weather...I'm over in Carroll County, Ohio...maybe 45 miles from W.Va., ya' know when it finally gets here we're in trouble, right?

Liberty weeps said...

NO woman should EVER have to submit to ANY man, period... especially not these stuck in the 7th century, cave dwelling, hygenically challenged, hot water and soap adverse, illiterate, moon worshipping, inbred, goat humping, pedophiles like these POS's!
But hey...why don't I just speak my mind, right?

Brooke said...

Cube: ? ;)

Liberty: Yes, most likely! Of course, of of those filthy imams once said that it is permissible to 'have sex' with your goat, so long as when you're done you mustn't drink it's milk nor eat its flesh.

However, one can sell the despoiled goat to the neighboring town. No biggie.

Liberty: Amen, bro/sis!

Brooke said...

LW/K: Carroll county, eh?

I'm in Butler Co., just north of Cincinnati. The weather here is up and down. I've a feeling that when we get our first snow it's going to be crazy!

cube said...

Kim Carnes had a hit song entitled, "Betty Davis Eyes" and Betty Davis starred in a film entitled "Whatever Happened To Baby Jane." I guess it's a 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon thing ;-)