Friday, November 11, 2011


1.    Where the hell are the rest of these going?

2.    And you thought the upkeep on an aquarium was difficult. 

3.    Finally, the funniest news of the day... The dirtbag homeless raping derelicts on Occupy Atlanta have taken poor hygiene to a new level: TUBERCULOSIS!

Now all we have to do is wait for cholera and the plague! Problem solved!

An aside... Who do you think is paying for the occubagger's health care? Got a mirror handy?


Where is my brain?!? Thank you to all of you veterans out there!


Speedy G said...

The Left is the reason for all those food preparation and biblical "kosher" prescriptions. I sometimes suspect that the Bible was written primarily as a health and sanitation guide...

USA_Admiral said...

Canada, Scary for all the wrong reasons.

No bees, fish have got to be easier.

Looks like God will smite the libtards after all. The plague would be hilarious too.

I would pay it to see them die like rats in the sewers of their own creation.

Alligator said...

That Canadian foot thing is eerie. Yeah, weird stuff washes up all over the world but this seems awfully consistent to that one area.

Honey bees are the only critter with a stinger that I will halfway tolerate. Everything else is automatically broken down to the sub-atomic level if it gets too close to me.

Refugee camps and third world ghettos have always been centers of disease outbreaks. When you contrast these places with the appearance of the OWS camps - no surprise. It's just what happens when humans pile together in squalid conditions. I'm sure that the system they hate and are vowing to take down will provide their medical care at our expense.

Did anyone catch that the OWS in Oakland is making deposits in a bank they had attacked and vandalized a few days earlier?

Brooke said...

Speedy: Thou shalt not wallow in thine own filth, nor shalt thou give thyself food poisoning...

USA: I just can't see the bee thing. A fish can't swarm or sting you repeatedly if you mess up.

Some of the OWS'er are starting to drop off.

See this and this.

Gator: Yeah, creepy. Where are the rest of the de-articulated bodies going?

I know bees serve a very essential function, but I don't think I'd want a whole hive IN MY APARTMENT.

As for the OWS'ers getting health care, you can be sure that they aren't paying for it; we are. Of course, they're the same stupid Obama voters that think it's their RIGHT.

I didn't catch that about Oakland, but I'm not surprised. HA! Leftists bums are nothing if not hypocrites.

Always On Watch said...

The outbreaks of illnesses at the Occupiers' camps will not be staying strictly inside those camps.

For example, the lice infestations will spread to the children who are attending school, then to the teachers, etc.

Brooke said...

AOW: That is true. Also, to all of the health care workers who are forced to provide these derelicts with free care.

And believe me, I know about lice spreading through school. My daughter brought it home and by the time we discovered it on the children, it was an arduous process to get rid of them.

And you know how I feel about bugs. Gah!

Z said...

Ya, they're all sounding more and more like Tea Party events, huh? Obama and other Dems have tried to connect them with? :-)
Especially the 3 murders and 1 suicide and deathly illnesses..JUST like those pesky TP events!

As for the foot.......what the...?

WomanHonorThyself said...

amen and oh yea the parasites are spreading disease everywhere hun! .Hope u had a nice weekend~!:)

Brooke said...

Z: The differences between the teapartiers and the occupiers is night and day. But, since the left owns the msm we won't hear about it.

Angel: I kinda look at them as walking infestations.

And I hope you had a good one, too. :)