Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Obama: A Gaffe a Minute

Just a couple days ago, I posted video of Obama's Key-San moment, and pointed out yet again the hypocrisy of the MSM when it comes to highlighting this administration's many, many gaffes.

Are you ready for the next oopsie?

I'm beginning to wonder if Obama is really as stupid as he comes across, or if he has a serious brain injury, or perhaps dementia.

According to Obama, Hawaii (the place he was supposedly born) is part of Asia. 

Good Lord. So did we get rid of Hawaii and somehow obtain a new state in the 57 he has previously mentioned?


Thersites said...

He's thinking in the "future tense". Four more years of Obama, and it'll likely become a part of Asia.

tha malcontent said...

How about his calling American's "Lazy"?

Chuck said...

Thersites nailed it. He actually meant to say China.

WomanHonorThyself said...

what a in Asia..sheesh!

Alligator said...

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Mr. AOW said...

even before my brain surgery I would not have voted for this numb nut!

Always On Watch said...

Smartest President evah. Not.

How did BHO ever manage to graduate from Harvard?

Brooke said...

Thersites, Chuck: Code speak... I can't remember where I heard it, but someone was talking about us 'giving' Taiwan over to China in exchange for some of our debt.

Mal: Yep. He blithely insults us at every turn. He truly believes he is in a separate caste.

Angel: Makes you wonder...

Gator: That is BRILLIANT!!!

Mr. AOW: My mother has had brain surgery as well, and is generally politically apathetic, and she wouldn't vote for this (well put) numb-nut!

AOW: But he's ah, um, ahhhh, um, well spoken. ;)

Obama managed to graduate Harvard because he knew the right people, greased the right palms, and of course there is affirmative action to thank, as well.

cube said...

Obama is a combination red diaper baby and an affirmative action promoted fool. I can't tell which side is dumber.