Friday, July 22, 2011

Short But Sweet

Found at iOwnTheWorld; a MUST READ LINK:

Adrienne's Corner: Debt ceiling Kubuki continues while the first woma...: "is there something wrong with this picture? Wal-Mart, Walgreens and SuperValu are all going to get some of your money to open stores in wh..."


USA_Admiral said...

Government is broke and it cannot be fixed.

cube said...

Everything is wrong with the Obamas. I have yet to see one thing they do that makes me happy about them.

WomanHonorThyself said...

how dare we question the motha of da HOUSE! God bless you my friend:)

Adrienne said...

Hello Brooke. Nice to meet you. Thanks for the linky-love. About that short but sweet thingy. I'm pretty much always that way 'cause I have ADD and that's all that I can handle. Thanks for reminding me of my short-comings.

Only kiiiiiiiiiding!!

You did blunt the pain by calling it a "must read" link, though - so, all is forgiven ;-)

I've made you one of my "blogs for the day" which in the ADD world means, "Until I get around to changing it which could be a week or longer."

Hey, my capcha is zoxcoudi. Sounds dirty to me and definitely something I wouldn't want to have.

Chuck said...

We are giving Walmart money???

They probably have more borrowing power than the US government at this point.

Brooke said...

USA: Oh, I could fix it... Mwaahaahaaa.

Cube: I agree, and I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for something, either.

Angel: Mooochelle Antoinette says some of us can eat cake.

Adrienne: Thanks for stopping by!

I wouldn't know a thing about short attentions spans, either. ;)

Chuck: Wal Mart wouldn't open a store destined for failure. Likely, the cash will go to 'minority' small 'businessmen'.