Friday, July 8, 2011

Obama: Put This in Your Pipe and Smoke It.

An illegal immigrant has been put to death in Texas for the brutal slaying of a 16-year-old girl in 1994, despite numerous objections by the Obama administration regarding our relations with Mexico.

HUNTSVILLE — Strapped to the gurney in the death chamber Thursday, Humberto Leal Jr. used his last words to apologize to both his family and the family of the teen girl he killed.
"I have hurt a lot of people," Leal said. "Let this be final and be done. I take the full blame for this. I am sorry and forgive me, I am truly sorry."
The 38-year-old ended by saying, "One more thing: Viva Mexico. Viva Mexico.

Mind you, the Mexican in question had been in this country since the age of two, for a total of 36 years.

This piece of filth tried to save his own vile hide by using the fact that he is an illegal. He probably has NO memory of MEXICO. He ignores the fact that he is slaughtering AMERICANS while in their own country.

Coward. Trying to save your own skin, after you gave no consideration to the girl you bludgeoned to death with an asphalt slab and left nude next to a desert road. There are no words to describe just how deplorable this creature is.

Yet Obama defends him. Thank goodness the People of Texas prevailed and administered justice.

It makes you wonder to what depths this administration will not sink.


USA_Admiral said...

Right on Brooke. The things this monster did to that girl was horrible. 0bama got a nice dose of STFU.

Z said...

HURRAY for Texas.........
This is what the liberals don't understand; when people live HERE for that many years and say VIVA MEXICO, they're not the immigrants we welcome.
I'm so tired of being called xenophobic by people of Obama's ilk; :Everybody's right BUT we lousy Americans" BS.
That's got to stop.

Brooke said...

Amen, folks. Obama took a HUGE slap in the face which will of course be downplayed by the complicit MSM.

I think too, that TX sent an excellent message:

You come here and do this sort of thing, YOU DIE. PERIOD.

beamish said...

Texas don't play.

Alligator said...

Texas - one corner of the United States that is still the America I grew up in and remember. The Obama - Holder - Clinton axis wouldn't fight this hard (if at all) for an American citizen abroad who was accused of a crime.

You know what's really sad? It's hard to find out anything much about his victim Adria Sauceda. Almost everything on the net is about Umberto Leal Garcia. Once again a 'victim' is overlooked in all the punditry and political posturing about the murderer's "rights."

Always On Watch said...


It makes you wonder to what depths this administration will not sink.

No limit to those depths, IMO.

I read the details of the crime this man committed. If anyone deserved the death penalty, he did!

Chuck said...

When I saw this initially I thought "I don't know, we would want one of our citizens to have access to the consulate" Amanda Knox comes to mind.

Then I saw that he was here since he was two, as an illegal.

First, he is a Mexican national in name only. He knows nothing of the country.

Second, he nor his parents have respect for Mexico, the US, or sovereignty so piss on him.

I think illegals effectively give up any citizen rights when they cross the border.

Brooke said...

Beamish: Makes you want to move to Texas.

Gator: You are right. You hear little or nothing about the victim. Everyone is so worried about the murderer's rights... He permanently removed all of Sauceda's rights!

AOW: Just when I think the Obama administration cannot be any more deplorable, they push it even further!

Chuck: I say drop the murderer's body off at the consulate. Done.

WomanHonorThyself said...

he could care less as long as no muzzlims were hurt Brooke!

cube said...

How can you spend so much time in this wonderful country and still claim fealty to Mexico? This does not compute. You murderous thug,
and all who think as you do, go back to Mexico. We don't want you here anymore than you act like you want to be here.

beamish said...

Meh. I've lived in Texas before. The IQ points per square mile is rather low-ish there, but they mean well.