Tuesday, July 6, 2010

For Real From the Past:

From The Daily Wh.at: 

This is an actual BP-themed board game produced in the 70s by the Scottish toy company Printabox. It features all the high-speed excitement of oil exploration and pipeline laying, as well as the occasional “hazard card,” which informs the player that a blow-out at their oil rig is responsible for a massive oil slick that will cost a staggering $1 million to clean up.
Fun for the whole family!


cube said...

Is this a joke? I pity the fool that would come up with this game.

Z said...

A STAGGERING ONE MILLION!? Did you hear BP's spent 3 BILLION already and that's not including the 20 BILLION they've promised? YIKES.
This board game is amazing! Ya think Soros had seen it and based what happened..
oh, never mind. I'm not good on conspiracy theories! :-)xxx

Chuck said...

Kind of like the PC flying games in which you could fly a plane into a building.

WomanHonorThyself said...

oish where's Bingo?

USA_Admiral said...

A lot more than a million with that bumbling socialist in the white house.

beamish said...

At least hotel rent on Boardwalk is still only $2000 dollars.

Brooke said...

Cube: Yes, this was real. Kinda prophetic, really. Heh.

Z: I guess the game needs to be adjusted for inflation and Obama ineptitude?

Waittaminute... That theory about Soros isn't bad. Has he ever been to an antique Scottish toy store? ;)

Chuck: YIKES!

Angel: Uno?

USA: I don't think there is a ceiling to this for a very long time. The cost will be beyond astronomical. Remember Obama saying our energy costs MUST go up phenomenally?

Beamish: What a steal. I personally like buying the slums and putting up huge hotels. It's just like the neighborhood I work in!

Cute puppy, btw!

cube said...

I saw a horror movie about ecoterrorists out to sabotage an oil rig, but their plans were complicated by this evil entity that took over bodies in the way evil entities do... anyway, my point is that there have been many more instances of problems at oil rigs in fiction, than there have been in real life.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised about this game.