Friday, July 2, 2010

Fireworks Safety

I'm so glad I don't work this weekend.


BATMAN said...

Lawsuit...after some moron tries all this :)

cube said...

I'm tired of spending a ton of money on fireworks every year. It's just not so thrilling any more. Not for safety reasons, but that the bang for the buck just insn't worth it. It's meh to me.

Keads said...
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Keads said...

Glad you have the weekend off! I have always said I would rather be lucky than good in such matters!

If I am going to convert money into noise, I would rather go to the range.

Always On Watch said...

We used to light off a lot of fireworks here. No more! Too many damned regulations have killed all the fun.

Anyway, in all the years we set off fireworks, we had only one accident with human injury -- and a very minor injury, at that.

Brooke said...

Jeff: Undoubtably. *rolls eyes*

Cube: Wha? When is blowing up stuff not cool? ;)

Keads: Agreed, the bullets are probably a better use of money.

AOW: Thankfully, we live in a township with little regulation.

That said, we usually don't buy too many fireworks, as we have a neighbor who goes all out. The kids usually sit on the front porch and watch their explosions. :)

Chuck said...

Brooke, I'm off to but I have seen my share of idiots on the 4th. We had one guy keeping his fireworks in his pocket. He caught is pants on fire with a lit cigarette... We had some repair work to do.

Funny video though.

cube said...

We did firework displays for over two decades, each year becoming more elaborate than the last.

I guess it has just lost it's thrill since we can't get any better than the mortars that shoot up very high and explode.

Those mortars were incredible at first, but even they got old.