Monday, July 19, 2010

The Enemy Within

Pat Condell does it again!


beamish said...

One quibble with Pat Condell.

Hate is a perfectly valid human emotion engaged in by psychologically healthy individuals.

The really disturbed individuals are those who claim they don't hate anyone and take great pains to sell themselves as "tolerant" when they really mean "complicit."

Hate is not self-destructive if you aim it in the right direction.

USA_Admiral said...

He makes a convincing point and the fact that our elected leaders seem to be embracing islam and sharia is very obvious. I believe the elected leaders embrace this because they could have complete power over people similar to the regime in Iran.

Beamish is correct, hate put in the right direction (at sharia and islamic law) can be useful protecting our children and the country.

A Progressive's Blog said...

I have a great idea! Let's run a Cheney/Palin ticket in 2012. That way we are guaranteed that we'll either way we will lose, or if we win, this country will lose

beamish said...


I'm just tired of left-wing basketcases trying to sell the idea that expressing certain emotions is wrong.

I can genuinely hate people, places, or things all day long without raising a hand against them.

USA_Admiral said...

I completely agree.

WomanHonorThyself said...

yes he does Brooke!!

cube said...

Amen, Pat.

Z said...

I'm literally afraid to read that book, aren't you? Who would have thought this could happen to America?
This isn't a left/right thing(tho the left's obviously less against political islam (a good way to put it, by the way, as Cadell does)than the right.......this is a "Who's running the American ship these days?" What powers are calling the shots? FOX is supposedly 49% Arab-owned now. How much of the rest of our country's the same way?

Always On Watch said...

Linked at my site and at Infidel Bloggers Alliance.

Wouldn't it be something if the mainstream media played some of Pat Condell's material on the air?

Brooke said...

Beamish: I think Pat would define what you and I call hate as scorn or disgust/contempt.

He uses those words but shies away from hate for some reason.

USA: I too, agree with Beamish.

Angel/Cube: Thanks!

Z: I do still need to read that book, as well.

AOW: Thanks for the link, and the MSM will NEVER EVER show any of Condell's videos on the air... Partly because they are too terrified of seeming intolerant, and also partly because of that little thing Z just mentioned.

beamish said...

It's time to celebrate hate. It's a perfectly valid human emotion - in its proper role. Any emotion - affection, anger, annoyance, angst, apathy, anxiety, contempt, curiosity, depression, desire, despair, disappointment, disgust, ecstasy, empathy, envy, embarrassment, euphoria, fear, frustration, gratitude, grief, guilt, happiness, hatred, hope, horror, hostility, hysteria, interest, jealousy, loathing, love, lust, misery, pity, pride, rage, regret, remorse, sadness,
shame, suffering, surprise, wonder, worry, and all points betwixt and between can be "self-destructive" if misplaced or misguided.

But the emotion of hate itself, there's not a damned thing wrong with hating someone or something.

Feel what you do. It's natural. Bottling it up inside isn't.