Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day

The "white death" is here today. It is falling softly on the ground, and by 15:00 we should have anywhere from four to six inches. The kids' school cancelled class for today, and the children are spoiling to go outside. I told them to wait until after lunch when they will have a couple of inches to play in.

(Thank goodness for global warming. Just imagine how bad the cold and snow would be without it. Heh. )

The people in the Cincinnati area bemoan snow, rush to the grocery store at the first prediction of a flake and clear the shelves of bread, milk and toilet paper as if there will never be another shipment for the rest of the season... And then there's the driving skill around here...

But I like it. Everything is so quiet and beautiful.

Here's a picture taken here in Ohio:

Cardinals are the state bird, and they do happen to be one of my favorite local creatures. They are non-migratory and mate and live in pairs. Where you see this male, the female is no doubt close and a keen observer can usually find her, being that she has the same build and markings, but in color is a dilute red and mostly brown. In the spring, you won't see her as the male will be out foraging for her and the new chicks. We have a pair or two living in our neighborhood.

In any case, I hope you all have a great wintery day!

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