Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Maybe He Can Get Us Some Coffee Next:

'Nuff said, yo.


Brooke said...

FJ: Ah, yes. I guess he can sling the "n" word, too.

As long as he puts an "a" on the end of it.

SB: Heh.

Chuck: Well, he's a light skinned guy, anyway.

LA: I hope so too. I saw Dingy Harry on the TV this morning going on about how he's done with this and his poll numbers are just fine.


cube said...

I noticed that these "journalists" sat on this Harry Reid quote, and the Bill Clinton quote, and the juciest of the Edwards stuff, but there is nothing new about Palin - all that dirt come out while it could hurt her chances.

But the best of all is that there is no dirt on the Obamas. Hmmm? I smell a large rat.

BTW the word verification is:


I like it, but I don't know why

Brooke said...


It's got a cat in it. ;)

Krystal said...

I hate coffee.