Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Family Stuff...

The next couple of days will be busy with work and school orientation.
My youngest is headed to pre-school, Thursday is the first day of bus riding and Kindergarten for Connor, and my oldest is already in THIRD GRADE.

Where does the time go?

I have learned a few things recently.

First, a small plastic pool is good for hours and hours of entertainment. Elder children like to determine who may enter the pool and how/when.

Next, a small chair and Dora towel is a welcome respite from the sun.

Children are so damn cute when they sleep so you don't kill 'em while they are awalke! ;)

A certain Pit Bull can jump a fence without thinking if a squirrel is in a neighbor's yard:

A certain Great Dane barks at squirrels but is too middle aged to really care enough
to go after them. She still likes tug-of-war.

That same bull is ever patient with her human puppies:

And finally, baby talk is not limited to nurseries!

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