Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Global Warming On My Porch:

After the big snow and ice storm that blew through last week, the temps warmed just enough to melt about half the fallout, leaving a layer of hardened ice/snow mix.

Today, another eight to ten (estimated, I haven't check official numbers) inches fell on top of what was left of that.  I drove home from in a level two snow advisory. Three is the highest, when anyone but emergency personnel are subject to arrest. 

It took me three times as long to get home due to hesitant, unskilled drivers. Folks in the Ohio Valley just cannot handle snow. 'Nuff said.

Here is a pic from my front porch. Those are about two and one half feet high (or so) Rhododendron bushes. Of course, these photos do not touch the skill of Pinky's photography! :)

Here is one from my back porch; you can see our chairs and fire bowl, and of course, the trench left by our Beagle mix and the tracks from our Great Dane. Believe me, they did not want to go out. 

The kids do! 

Thanks be to Him (and I'm not talking about Obama) that our power is still, as of now, on.

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