Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Change? Hardly.

Did anyone listen to the latest Prime Time interruption from Obama last night? I sure didn't hear much of that "hope" he kept promising us.

So with words like "catastrophic", "the lost decade" and only the Federal gov't can "jolt the economy back to life," I find myself cynically wondering where exactly the MSM is on this. I recall that in the aftermath of 9-11, they and the Dems wailed incessantly about Bush's "fear mongering" when he was trying to explain how we would deal with terrorism.

Hat tip to TJ for the video.

Charlie Daniels nails it again with a little thing which is nonexistent in Washington: Common sense.

Now here's some change that you could take to the bank: 

Cowboy Logic and the Economy

Since I use a lot of what I call cowboy logic, I feel obliged to explain what the term means once in a while, so here goes.

Two and two is always four, water never runs uphill and if there's smoke there's fire somewhere. Basically, it's just common sense as I see it and can be applied to most situations.

For instance, do the players in Washington really want to fix the economy or are they only interested in growing government's control over our lives and the proliferation of power for themselves and their political parties?

Cowboy logic suggests the latter since the money they're throwing around will have very little lasting effect on the economy while it will plunge this nation into catastrophic debt.

Now I am not an economist and I have no university degrees, but to me it's plain what should be done to reboot the economy.

1) Cut the corporate taxes, let companies make money. What's wrong with that? They have to make a product or provide a service and they can't do that without employees and that equals jobs.

That way the government would be releasing billions of dollars into the economy immediately, without having to borrow a trillion dollars. There would be no capital outlay from the public coffers and the tax base would start reaping the benefits right away.

2) The only way out of recession is to create jobs in the private sector. New government jobs would be counterproductive to the economy, only expanding the already bloated and largely unnecessary national debt.

3) Do not give billions of dollars to companies that will eventually go broke anyway. If their obligations were undoable, as painful as it would be, it would be better to let them fail now. That way maybe they could reorganize and prosper.

5) Suspend the personal income tax for a year. Put money in ordinary citizen's pockets because they'll spend it on TV's and cars and shoes and barbeque and that's what makes the business world go around.

6) Shrink government, there is too much repetition in government, too much political patronage. The government does not require production and efficiency and has so many rules and regulations that it's almost impossible to fire an unproductive person.

7) Institute a flat tax, a simple one-page form that tells you what percentage of the dollars you earn have to go to the government. Do away with the internal revenue service, which is an inefficient, overstaffed dinosaur, which could be cut by probably 50% or more by a flat tax.

Give us a simple tax form, what "We The People" can understand and fill out for ourselves.

8) Do not allow cost overruns on government contracts. Keep a portion of the price until the job is finished, on time and on budget. If it is not, withhold the money and pay it to some other company to finish the project.

9) Deport illegal aliens period.

10) Pass laws that would allow the police departments and other law enforcement agencies to take the gloves off. What's happen now is like taking a knife to a gunfight. They need laws that allow them to answer violence with greater violence.

It sickens me to hear somebody say that we can't clean up the drug problem in America. The truth is that we just don't clean it up. It could be handled if our police departments could arrest somebody without feeling that the ACLU was looking over their shoulders.

And no cherry pickers, I'm not talking about allowing police brutality. I'm talking about removing the silly technicalities from the law, the ones that allow criminals to walk free.

Cleaning up crime would do wonders for the economy.

11) Do away with the professional influence peddlers known as lobbyists. They are one of the most corrupting factors in Washington and state capitols.

Lobbying should be done by ordinary citizens who take time away from their jobs to come to Washington and lobby their representatives when an issue comes up they feel strongly about.

Professional lobbyists clog the halls of Congress and represent special interests. The ordinary citizen cannot afford a lobbyist to influence the Congress for them, but the special interests can, and believe me, they do.

12) Completely ban personal earmarks. Congress and Senate are a sneaky bunch. They load down a bill that is needed with fatback that is not needed. If earmarks and porky amendments were completely done away with it would save the American public billions of dollars a year.

13) Institute term limits. Our forefathers never meant to have professional politicians, never meant to allow opportunistic hacks to stay in power for 30 years.

Our system was meant to have somebody serve a few years and go home and let somebody fresh off the streets be elected, somebody who knows what's happening now.

In my humble opinion, congressmen and senators should be limited to eight years. The president can only serve eight years, why should congressmen and senators stay longer?

It would do away with a lot of the corruption and allow some new ideas to see the light. Congress is stuck in a rut. It is a politically incestuous old boy's club who protect each other no matter what, and have lost sight of what they're supposed to be doing.

They're out of date, out of touch and out of money and should be out of office.

Is this cowboy logic approach simple? Yes.

Would it work? Well it wouldn't solve all our problems, but it would be a start…a danged good start.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels

February 9, 2009

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