Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dhimmitude Pizza

A Domino's Pizza in England is becoming completely halal to cater to Muslims. If you want a pepperoni pizza, you'll have to get it somewhere else, you disgusting infidel.

From this source: 

The takeaway has told customers in the mixed-race area of Hall Green, Birmingham, that if they want ham or pork on their pizza they will have to go elsewhere.

Chris Yates, 29, a hospital worker living in Moseley, Birmingham, said he was told he couldn't have a 'Meteor' pizza, topped with pepperoni, sausage, meatballs, ground beef and smoky bacon, when he called up at the weekend.

He said: "It's a disgrace, I can appreciate them having it as an option but to have it completely halal is just not on," he fumed.

"I'm all for racial and religious tolerance but if anything this is intolerant to my beliefs and discriminatory against me.


Masood Khawaja, President of the Halal Food Authority, said: "It's good news for Muslims, with changing pallets, who want a bit of variety in their diet. This is only the beginning and we are delighted that Domino's has participating in this trend."

So Muslims can't order a cheese pizza, or a veggie pizza? 

Of course not. Everyone must bend to accommodate them! 

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