Monday, March 3, 2008

Talking Points

It's nice to see that Obama and the Dems are still taking their talking points from Iran. No matter how crazy the world gets, I always know what I can expect from the left.

All emphasis mine, from this source

BAGHDAD- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Monday lashed out at the United States during an unprecedented trip to Iraq and demanded that major powers leave the region.

Sounds a lot like the Obamanation, huh?

The hardline Iranian leader also dismissed U.S. allegations that Iran was funding and training extremists in Iraq, a fellow Shiite majority country.

Of course they aren't. Iran would never do anything like that... 

Ahmadinejad, the first Iranian president to visit Iraq, said the foreign presence in the Arab country was an "insult to the regional nations and a humiliation."

"We believe that the major powers who have come to the region from thousands of kilometers away should respect the will of nations and leave this region. That's the best service they can offer these nations," Ahmadinejad said after meeting with Iraq's president on the two-day trip.

Yes. That would make it much easier for Dinny to supply terrorists, take over Iraq and continue his nuclear arms program without us over there, looking over his shoulder.

And what does President Bush have to say about this? 

Not much. He's busy saving us all from ourselves:

WASHINGTON - President Bush on Saturday urged Congress to pass legislation aimed at ending illegal sales of highly addictive prescription drugs on the Internet, citing a growing number of fatal overdoses.

"Unfortunately, many young Americans do not understand how dangerous abusing medication can be, and in recent years, the number of Americans who have died from prescription drug overdoses has increased," Bush said. 


"The Internet has brought about tremendous benefits for those who cannot easily get to a pharmacy in person," Bush said. "However, it has also created an opportunity for unscrupulous doctors and pharmacists to profit from addiction."

So gawd forbid we punish those who are doing things illegally. Instead, let's create more nanny-state rules that punish us all. People who want to abuse drugs are going to do it regardless of any laws the government creates to prevent it. 

After all, we citizen children just couldn't get by without Daddy Gubmit taking care of us all. 

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