Saturday, March 8, 2008

Curiosity Killed The Cat...

...Well, almost anyway.

Last night while a fairly large snowstorm was blowing through, I sat my sewing project down for just a moment to get dinner out of the oven. When I came back, our cat, Jack, was eating the string on my project.

Too bad the needle was still attached.

When he started coughing up foamy blood, Dave and I were sure he'd swallowed the needle. Being the fantastic hubby he is, Dave braved the bad road conditions to take Jack to the 24-hour emergency vet 20 miles away.

The needle lodged sideways in his esophagus facing front to back, and was so close to the skin that the vet was able to pull it out through the front of his neck. Here's the pic:

After an overnight stay, the cat is back and firmly ensconced under the bed.

As I told Cube, one life down, eight to go!

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