Friday, March 21, 2008

Young Love...

Right. Isn't Sharia law just fantastic?

An 11-year-old boy has married his 10-year-old cousin in the ultra-conservative Muslim kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Mohammed al-Rashidi and his unidentified cousin will seal the marriage they contracted under the sharia laws of Islam and move in together after a ceremony to take place in the summer, Al-Shamsnewspaper reports today.

"I am ready for this marriage. It will help me study better," Mohammed, who goes to primary school in the northern province of Hail, was quoted by Al-Shams as saying.

"I invite all my classmates to do like me," the boy said, adding that he wanted to "crown a love story through marriage".

The schoolboy's father, Muraizak al-Rashidi, told the newspaper he was busy sending out invitations for a summer celebration to seal the marriage.

Dahim al-Jaber, the headmaster at Mohammed's school, said marriage at such a young age was "inappropriate" but wished the couple a happy life together.

This is just sick. Cousins marrying before they even hit puberty, and it is totally condoned!  

But we really shouldn't be surprised by the lack of regard by Islamists for their children. Just this week Osama bin Laden told the world that the reprinting of the Mo' toons by a Danish paper is more serious an offense than the killing of women and children.

That's right. According to OBL, this is worse than this, or this.

Tell me Islam isn't a cult! 

Oh, and another happy note from Islam and our buddies in Saudi:

On Good Friday, Saudis have told the Vatican that there will be no churches in Saudi Arabia unless the Pope recognizes Mohammad. 

Let's just imagine the outcry if the Pope told Muslims on the outset of Ramadan that there would be no Mosques in Italy unless the majorities of mullahs recognize that Jesus Christ is the Lord. 

Yeah... That would go over well.

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