Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pardon Me?

President Bush has pardoned and commuted the sentences of a bunch of thieves and liars.

• William L. Baker of Spokane, Wash., who was sentenced in 1980 to two years prison for falsifying records.

• George Francis Bauckham of Oak Ridge, N.J., who received five years probation in 1958 for the unlawfully detention or delay of the mail by a postal employee.

• Kenneth Charles Britt of White City, Kan., who was sentenced to three years probation in 1998 for conspiracy to violate fish and wildlife laws.

• William Bruce Butt of London, Ky., who received three years probation in 1990 for bank embezzlement.

• Mariano Garza Caballero of Brownsville, Texas, who was sentenced in 1984 to 34 days in prison and four years probation for dealing in firearms without a license.

• Anthony C. Foglio of Santee, Calif., who was sentenced to three years probation in 1996 for distributing marijuana. He is also known as Tony Foley.

• Marvin Robert Foster of Boca Raton, Fla., who was sentenced to a year of probation in 1968 for making a false statement in connection with a Federal Housing Administration loan.

• Carl Harry Hachmeister of Denton, Texas, who was sentenced to three years probation in 1985 for conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud.

• William Marcus McDonald of Wetumpka, Ala., who was sentenced two four years confinement with hard labor by an Air Force court-martial in 1984 for cocaine and marijuana charges. His pay was docked, his rank was reduced and he was given a discharge for bad conduct.

• Robert Michael Milroy of Cinnaminson, N.J., who was sentenced to 7 1/2 years prison in 1975 for heroin importation.

• Jerry Lynn Moldenhauer and Thomas Donald Moldenhauer of Colorado Springs, Colo., who each received three years probation in 1994 for selling migratory bird parts in violation of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

• Richard James Putney of Woodbridge, Va., who received one year of probation in 1996 for aiding and abetting the escape of a prisoner.

• Timothy Alfred Thone of Woodbury, Minn., who was sentenced in 1987 to two years probation for making a false statement to the Department of Housing and Urban Development to obtain a mortgage.

• Lonnie Edward Two Eagle Sr. of Parmelee, S.D., who was sentenced to two years probation in 1976 for misdemeanor simple assault on an Indian reservation.

Bush also commuted the sentence of Patricia Beckford of Portsmouth, Va., who since 1992 has been serving a 23-year prison sentence for conspiracy to distribute more than 50 grams of crack cocaine. Bush left intact a five-year term of probation.

Did I miss Ramos and Compean on that list? Or are a bunch of embezzlers and coke heads more important than the men that try to keep our border safe despite corruption and incompetence on the highest levels?

I guess we dare not piss off Mexico.

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