Friday, November 2, 2012

Early Voting in SW Ohio

My previous post was a link to a story of possible voting fraud by Dems here in the swing state of Ohio using non-English speaking Somali (code word: Muslim) 'immigrants'. Please check the link for details.

Having never voted early, I decided to do a little recon yesterday. So, after an early day of work I drove to the county BOE to cast an early in person ballot. The road leading to the Butler Co. BOE is off a highway connector that goes instantly rural after I turned off onto it. For yards and yards there were political signs driven into the ground, mostly for candidates and just a few for issues. There were so many, in fact, I couldn't pick out which candidate had more. This went literally all the way up to the BOE property.

The process started out with plastic tables set up in the foyer. No workers were present in this area.There were stacks of pens thrown about haphazardly, and piles of early voting ballot applications. The apps were a single page, and one had to fill out their name and address, and sign it. Although the form indicated the early ballot would be mailed to the person requesting it, one had to assume from the hastily hand-made signage in the foyer that we were to take them into a hallway with a connected room cleared for voting.

Once I found the room, there were signs posted explicitly warning people entering NOT to wear political buttons, shirts, ect. There were three cloisters of voting machines as one typically finds at the polling station on election day.

The facility was surprisingly busy; I even had to wait in a small queue on a Thursday morning. I didn't expect to see that.

One of about four workers at a table set up with laptops and card readers asked me over. He took my paper and did not even glance at it. At this point I would've been asked for ID at my regular polling place, as I have been every single time I've voted, so I started to fish out my wallet. Instead, the poll worker simply handed me the ballot card, told me to insert it into a machine and report to a table by the exit door when I'd finished. I did not have to prove my identity or residence. I did not have to show a licence, state ID, or even so much as a utility bill.

So at this point I picked an empty machine and cast my ballot. No problems at all there; everything turned up as I indicated. I submitted the ballot, ejected the ballot card and reported to the final table to turn it in. This table was not manned. Instead, one of the poll workers would occasionally shout at us to put our cards in a basket and sign a form on the table, and then place the form in it's own basket.

This form was nothing more than a xeroxed paper requesting that I write and sign my name, and that I state I am who I claim to be under penalty of law! Curious, considering that could've been easily verified with a state-issued identification! Or hell, even my county-issued CCW card has a pic on it!

I signed the form and left completely unchecked and unchallenged, as I would have at least cursorily been on election day.

So, ladies and gents, what do you think?


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Sounds like Dems run that one.

Always On Watch said...

What Odie said.

Our election process has been corrupted -- likely to the point that the corrupt will remain in power. If I'm right, thus ends America as the land she was intended to be.

Alligator said...

This entire election cycle I have had a strong sense that it is no longer "politics as usual" due to the corruption from within and without the country. Every one who claims to be conservative, Republican or just a decent common-sense person needs to turn out and vote for Romney. If there are enough numbers, it can overwhelm any corruption or poll rigging or just plain Democrat turnout. Anything less than a blowout and Obama's folks will engineer a win and probably set cities on fire in the process.

Brooke said...

Odie: It does.

AOW: At times, I think that voting is pointless; after all, it's those that count the votes that matter, to use a phrase attributed to Stalin.

Gator: I certainly hope this will be a landslide for Romney. Anything less and fraud will win, as you've said. A narrow victory, and we will see endless recounts, as with Gore.

On an up note, I convinced my mother to go out and vote early; she hates the process and always says stuff like, "What's the point? My one vote doesn't matter." And so on.

USA_Admiral said...

We are close to losing everything because fraud.

cube said...

Democrat malfeasance. I'm shocked!