Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This is the discussion I've had so far on FaceBook with an old friend... Who is a former Marine and now an anarchist.

What do you all think:

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-FJ said...

Anarchists are a hoot, even "former Marine" anarchists.

They're the first ones to blame the State for all the world's problems... and in the same breath condemn "lynch mobs" for taking "state" matters into their own hands.

I suppose that there's no pleasing the "humanist" utopians.

Always On Watch said...


...The girl was with 15 other people believed to be in the country illegally who were traveling to the Midwest and northeast United States, said Chris Hegstrom, spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office.

“She’s been turned over to ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) to try to determine where she’s from. She told us she’s from El Salvador. That’s what she told us,” he said.

The arrest took place Friday night at an undisclosed location in northern Maricopa County.

“It was part of a human-smuggling investigation that we’ve been investigating throughout the Valley,” Hegstrom said.

The whereabouts of the girl’s parents or other caretakers is unknown. All of the people traveling with her claimed to know nothing about the girl....

TooMuchTime said...

Brooke -- all of your posts are correct, well thought out, direct and to the point, and they stay on point.

Unfortunately, you're arguing with a koolaidian. Remember, he's the one that suffers from dementia which causes his incoherent anarchist views. There isn't much you can do to help or to change his mind. With that said...

What you are doing is not a waste of time or breath or even brain cells because it allows you to consolidate your views into an effective argument. Think of it as rehearsing for a face-to-face debate that you know will happen someday.

Brooke said...

FJ: Agreed. We've had the same discussion... He'd be the first one on the line with 911 if something horrible happened. Yet he wants anarchy.


Sure, 'the system' needs massive reform, but there must be a system!

AOW: I should've included that link. Thanks!

TMT: Thanks... (In my best Billy Mays voice)But wait, there's more:

Punk Johnny Cash I couldn't disagree more when you say 'a country has a right to protect it's borders'. By borders we are simply speaking of the boundary line the state claims authority over. And exactly why did the border need protecting from a six year old girl?

Punk Johnny Cash A state does not 'protect a border'. A border is an imaginary line they claim authority over. A state does inflict force to maintain control over human movement. The only problem we have here is the monopoly of force from the state. Emma Goldman said: The most absurd apology for authority and law is that they serve to diminish crime. Aside from the fact that the State is itself the greatest criminal, breaking every written and natural law, stealing in the form of taxes, killing in the form of war and capital punishment, it has come to an absolute standstill in coping with crime. It has failed utterly to destroy or even minimize the horrible scourge of its own creation.

In this case the crime of being an 'illegal' human being is 100% state created.

Mike Sullivan I can't imagine what this little girl is feeling. Six and no one claims to be her parents and being man-handled by supposed authorities.

Does sound very Nazi.

Punk Johnny Cash I can't imagine my six year old in this situation. With that guys record I would imagine parents are afraid for their lives to come forward.

Brooke Tarvin A country has a right to return an illegal immigrant to it's home nation despite the violator's age. Sure, she's a minor and she didn't do anything wrong on her own, but the example if the state fails to act opens the doors for smuggling and trafficking if a 'parent' thinks they can get away with this. Plus, they've put this girl in ENORMOUS risk of being harmed by the smugglers or whoever she winds up with!

And if the parents are so cowardly as to either sell off their daughter, entrust her to coyotes or simply not come forward because they're too afraid of a legitimate authority that they'd let her go to save their own sorry hides from the consequences of their actions, then they must not care too much about their kid, eh?

ARG! I feel like I'm arguing in circles!

Brooke said...

Ugh. Now he says I'm the cause of the problem I'm arguing against.

Alligator said...

Here's a thought, people shrieking about sending back illegals to their home country cheered, CHEERED and waved the banner of morality when Janet Reno, Eric Holder and Bill Clinton decided to snatch Elian Gonzalez at gunpoint and send him back to Cuba. Of course, his mother took him from the worker's paradise of Cuba so obviously she didn't realize how she was depriving him of a wonderful life.

Anarchists are lost souls you just can't reason with. Humans simply do not function in anarchy. Even the most "primitive" of peoples have governance, order and traditions of some type. The few people I've encountered with anarchist views seem to have an awful lot of time on their hands to develop these overly idealistic visions of a society that functions without rules or laws. Historically, anarchy is the predecessor to dictatorship. That's just human nature and history.

Man oh man. What are these capchas going to require us to do next? That you translate the words into Urdu or Punjabi?

Brooke said...

Gator: I pretty much gave up on the conversation. As you said, you just can't reason with an anarchist!

Your comment is completely correct. Nature abhors a vacuum. If anarch erupted, the biggest, baddest SOB around would establish some sort of order!

Sorry about the WV. It is getting pretty bad, but it beats deleting spam comments on old posts...I guess.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Your friend doesn't have a clue what he fought for. He's one of these "No Borders" guys. So many like him feel guilty about this country has accomplished.

I'm the opposite ... I look across that border and I'm embarrassed by what is there, so close to the greatest country on earth. Those 20,000,000 cowards should have stayed home and fixed that piece of crap.

cube said...

Trying to convince your friend of your POV is like trying to nail jello to a tree. I know because I've tried and failed with some of my friends.

Gator makes a great point about immigration. One of my liberal friends called us in the early hours of the Easter Sunday when Elian Gonzalez was taken at gunpoint. "How are you liking your Easter Sunday?" he asked and proceeded to gloat that the "right" thing had been done because Elian belonged with his father, etc..

Well, I got my revenge the night
George Bush beat Gore... I called him in the wee hours and said, "How's your election night going?"

Alligator said...

Sorry about the WV. It is getting pretty bad, but it beats deleting spam comments on old posts...I guess.

Not complaining against you Brooke, I fully understand. Its just that everyone with a site has these now, some requiring more hoops to jump through than others...starting with being able to decipher the fuzzy out of focus letters...is that a capital s or a regular s?

Cube - Revenge can be sweet.

Brooke said...

Odie: Exactly right. When you consider that people are being beheaded en masse just across the river/border from our country by the brutal cartels, it's horrifying. I can't fault people for wanting to escape, but they must fix their own corrupt country, just as we must fix corruption here.

Cube: I finally just gave up when he started quoting Emma Goldman (which he just did a panting of) as the progenitor of women's rights and anarchy at the same time.

HAHA! Revenge is a dish best served cold! ;)

I recall staying up very late that election night as the returns trickled in, nodding off on the couch with my husband. That was the first presidential election I was old enough to vote in!

Gator: I know you're not faulting me! I couldn't agree more, the new word verification is just awful! And I have decent eyesight still!

However, I have been getting reply notifications from old posts at other's sites that don't have verification turned on... Let's just say that they have some VERY undesirable links attached. I don't want that trash coming to your inbox from MY site!

Marine4ever said...

An anarchist -- sure sounds like it; but a "former Marine" -- no.
Once a Marine, always a Marine.
And when I die, I'll be a dead Marine.
Semper Fi!

Brooke said...

M4E: Thanks for the visit!

I was always told that you said "former" for a Marine who has been honorably discharged, and never "ex", as the latter denotes the opposite.

I don't know what happened to make my friend hate the military so much! But, I do have to say he's always resisted authority. I was shocked when I learned he'd enlisted.

Marine4ever said...

Just ragging on you, Brooke... don't take me too serious... nobody else does. You have a fantastic site and I'll be robbing from you! Great thoughts and writing!

If your friend always resisted authority and hated the military, I don't know what to say. Mother Green is NOT the place to be. And he's still alive?!

Brooke said...

I can't believe it, either! LOL!

I would've been an MP in the Guard, had my spleen had not decided to explode on my early on. CMO kicked me out.

Marine4ever said...

Life ain't fair, Brooke. I'm sure you'd have made an outstanding "Of The Troops -- For The Troops."
Keep up the good work here!
Semper Fi!