Thursday, June 28, 2012

ObamaCare Upheld!?!

It is official. We no longer live in even a soft dictatorship.

Please tell me the SCOTUS has a sense of humor and this is all just a sick, sick joke.

But hey, folks... ObamaCare isn't a mandate, it is a tax. Obama's jizya stands.

Bye-bye, America. The Constitution is TP. Our Founders are spinning like lathes.

This kind of has new meaning today:


USA_Admiral said...

It is not about being a Constitutional Republic anymore. It is socialism.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Both feet of the US are now in the Marxist bucket.

beamish said...

I don't see why everyone is upset after all the hard work the "constitutionalist" Medicare junkies in the extreme far left Tea Party "movement" worked so hard to get this law passed.

I mean, sure, it's not the absolute catastrophe Rick Perry and Hillary Clinton were pushing for in 1993, but hey, give Obama some credit. At least he took a stab at cutting Medicare. Who knows what the Stalinist Mitt Romney would do as President?

Always On Watch said...

Our Founders are spinning like lathes.

Perfect simile -- and with alliteration, too.

I suppose that one good outcome now is that November really does amount to an ObamaCare referendum in November.

Also, Obama is more on the defensive now as opposed to having a good offensive for more Balkanization.

Voters need to make their choices on Election Day.

cube said...

I felt like I'd been kicked in the solar plexus when I heard. Sad times ahead if we don't win in November.

Z said...

you think THIS is bad?
I just posted something mustang sent me (don't go to my blog sober)...


Let me know when you find America again.

Z said...

Brooke..this is SCARY.
I had only read your headline and started typing away on my comment above.
After I published it, I saw your video and realized it was Bye Bye AMerican Pie...would you BELIEVE I had just written "Bye bye American Pie" at my place in response to Elbro who linked in a comment that Obama's NOW raising vet's costs on healthcare ....what the.........?

Anyway...BYE BYE is right....

Mr. AOW said...

Mrs. AOW is having a meltdown over the court's ruling!

Then came the terrible storms last night. So, she has had meltdowns 3 days in a row now.

Brooke said...

Thanks, everyone! Sorry I couldn't reply; our power was knocked out for 32 hours after a wind/rainstorm. Of course, it was record breaking temps of over 100 degrees!

Yeah, I still can't believe this. It's like a bad dream.