Friday, June 1, 2012

"Forcing You To Understand"


Yes, we dumb fat sow American hicks can't possibly make our own health and nutritional decisions. Thank gawd we have a benevolent leftist dictator, um, I mean, mayor in New York to help us poor plebes take care of ourselves.

We must be forced to understand what Bloomberg says is for your own good! I wonder what he will force us to understand next?

Mayor Bloomberg has decided that you mouth-breathing idiots can't have more than 16 oz. of soda at a time while in his shining utopia. (But you can still get free refills.) He's there to take care of you and make sure you don't have too much sugar, little Johnnies.

This is unbelievable. Apparently, there are no other problems in NYC. No crime, no abject poverty, no infrastructure issues and no terrorism threats, either. Man, it must be nice there if the only thing to worry about is the average Joe's waistline! Oh, and to make sure law abiding New Yorkers can't exercise their Second Amendment rights!

Please do go and read Angry White Dude's dissertation on this. You won't regret it... Because if you don't laugh, you'll be "forced" to cry!


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

The Lord Mayor only wants to protect us from ourselves. Again, a LIBERAL (yes he are one!) doesn't like large soft drinks, so no one can buy them. If a conservative doesn't like large soft drinks he won't purchase them.

Z said...

Brooke, there are really no words, are there. When does this STOP? I want MY COUNTRY BACK :-(
I want to be able to buy what I want to buy.. Do you know you have to ASK for salt in NYC?

Brooke said...

Odie: I bet Bloomburg is sucking down a case every night... But WE can't have one! He knows better!

Z: I hear you! I've become very Libertarian on issues like this. Leave me the heck alone! I don't need a government CULT to control EVERY SINGLE aspect of my life!

Alligator said...

I don't understand why the Republican Party doesn't disown Bloomberg and boot him out. Calling himself a "Republican" is almost as bad as Joseph Stalin calling himself a Constitutional Libertarian. Bloomberg is even further Left than many avowed Democrats in New York.

I can remember a time in this country when a proposal like Bloomers would have been met with total derision and anger and he would have been recalled faster than a duck swooping down on a June bug. As it is, I've read commentary and opinion pieces by a lot of New Yorkers on this subject. If these comments are representative of the majority mindset in the city, then they absolutely deserve everything Bloomer is doing and will do as he is emboldened to meddle in personal lives.

Brooke said...

The (R) is more important than principles, apparently.


Brooke said...

Why stop with soda?

TooMuchTime said...

Hizz-ahner does know that refills are free. Right?