Sunday, February 12, 2012

Soft Jihad: Al-Andulus Rising.

Read this.

The trend will blow this direction; it has started already!


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

If you bend, they will push ... UNTIL YOU BREAK!

Always On Watch said...

From the link:

In the city of Lleida, someone is poisoning dogs. Police don't know who has been doing it, but the suspicion is that Muslims were the culprits.

Yet another nasty aspect of Islamification!

It took Spain nearly over 700 years to get out from under the boot of the Moslems the first time that Spain was Islamified via conquest. 711-1492 are the exact dates.

USA_Admiral said...

It appears to be just a matter of time in Spain.

The sad result of multiculturalism and incompatible religions.

Brooke said...

Muslims might be crazy, but they aren't stupid. They will use the PC idiocy of the West to their advantage.

Alligator said...

Isn't that funny. I remember when the Left was screaming their heads off about torture and illegal detentions, violations of the Constitution etc. etc. because of George Bush. Now Obama has taken it a step further and is very open about it. Crickets from the media and the liberal "watchdogs." It just proves that all the talk of "justice" "equality" and "fairness" by the Left is a smoke screen for "We want power however we can get it"

Z said...

Muslims always wanted to take's only now they have billions behind the and politically correct Western idiots afraid to speak up that they're pushing THIS BIG and getting away with it.
disgusting...imagine that it took their killing 3000 innocent AMericans to finally get such popularity? WHAT THE.......?

cube said...

I can't believe that Spaniards are allowing this moslem free-for-all in their country. I guess history teachers in Spain are as bad at teaching their history as our own teachers are as teaching US history.