Tuesday, February 28, 2012

And Now For Something Completely Different:

Hello, all! For this morning, I could give you a brain-melting example of leftist illogic like this:

But if your Tuesday will be anywhere nearly as rubbish as mine will be today, I will instead give you something that will be impossible to walk away from without feeling more mellow:

Ah. That's better.


cube said...

I'm working on taxes today. Nothing can mellow that, but thanks for trying.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Now get out there and slay that dragon!

Chuck said...

What an absurd sign

Alligator said...

Well, they certainly paid close attention to the scriptures...NOT!

(Well this will be third or fourth try on getting past the capcha ):(

Always On Watch said...

"Jesus had two dads..."

Good grief!

Is it any wonder that "the gay movement" has such a bad reputation? Beyond the obvious. that it.

Brooke said...

Cube: Good luck. I still need to do mine when I get done procrastinating. :)

Odie:Dragon, indeed!

Chuck: Such an absurd sign it telling of the person that penned it.

Gator: I think they skipped that one part about Soddom and Gamorah.

I'm going to turn the capture off. It is a pain.

AOW: I knew a couple of gay folks at my last job and they HATED stuff like that sign, and those awful parades. The believed it makes it that much harder for them to just live their lives, and rightly so.

Brooke said...

OK, I have no idea how to turn off the word verification. I don't see the option at all in settings.

Sorry... Help?

Jeffrey L Watts said...

I'd be afraid to make such a sign...

beamish said...

OK, I have no idea how to turn off the word verification. I don't see the option at all in settings.

Go to your Blogger dashboard, click settings, under the settings tab click comments, scroll down and set word verification to "no" then click "save" Voila!

Turning off word verification increases the likelihood of spambots though.

Alligator said...

I understand the need for word verification, its just about half the time they are unreadable, even to me. These are about the worst ones I've ever seen.

Brooke said...

Beamish: Thanks. I tried that yesterday, but in my settings there is no option for w/v.

Maybe it's a Mac issue? I have noticed that some webpages just load differently with Safari.

I turned it on last time because of those spambots.

Gator: Yes, this w/v does suck. Sorry, but for now it looks like I'll have to deal with it being here.