Friday, October 7, 2011

What is This?

Anyone out there a savvy botanist? (I'm a black thumb.)

My daughter brought this plant home. She found it knocked over in the road in a tiny pot. I clipped off the  bad leaves, re-potted it after removing a spiderweb-like mess of dead roots and watered it.

It's been three days and the thing hasn't died, but I have no clue as to what it is? Any ideas?


Keads said...

Sorry, I have no idea! I am sure I could kill it for you if you wish with my mad gardening skillz!

cube said...

Dammit Brooke, I'm a biologist, not a botanist!

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I think it's a Begonia. And how about that coming from a guy who's garden is covered with snow 6 months a year.

Check here:

Chuck said...

Per my gardening wife - a double impatient?

Brooke said...

Keads: I'm amazed the plant didn't die the moment I touched it.

Cube: At least you didn't say, It's dead, Jim! ;)

Odie: It's 80 degrees here in October. I wanna go north! Six months of snow is sounding good right about now.

Chuck: I think your wife is right. Luckily, I only had acidic orchid potting soil in the shed and that's what it is in! :)

USA_Admiral said...

It's a pollen bomb, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!

Z said...

I'd never heard of or seen double impatiens, but it sure does look like that. I like that your girl brought it home :-)