Sunday, October 2, 2011

Just a Couple of Thoughts.

Crazy-person Pat Robertson says he will no longer make political endorsements... And politicians everywhere breathe a sigh of relief.

And, in a Sharia-law-type 'suggestion', NYPD officers are telling women in a neighborhood plagued by a rapist that they should not wear short skirts or shorts, as they are asking to be targets. 

So it's the woman's fault that a predator can't control himself? WOW. Here's a wild idea, NYPD... Instead of worrying about how much leg a girl is showing, you could focus on catching the guy doing the raping.

Just sayin'.


Speedy G said...

The NYPD's charter is "to protect and serve."

Right now, they think it's more to "serve the terrorists" messaging.

They've forgotten the "protect" part., for if they remembered it, they wouldn't be out warning women to "go shari'a".

Always On Watch said...

Pat Robertson should have shut up about political endorsements long, long ago!

As for the information about NYPD, that's one helluva step back. Given enough time, Islam will take us even further back.

-FJ said...

btw - Telling slutwalk idiots to go put on their tops is another matter altogether. There are minimum standards... not everybody wants to see me, or anyone else, flying their flag in public.

Keads said...

Go Brooke! I agree completely!

Jeffrey L Watts said...

I tend to agree with NYPD. If you dress like you want it, someone is bound to try and give it to you. Is that right? No, but some manners of dress are not appropriate.

Chuck said...

And, in a Sharia-law-type 'suggestion', NYPD officers are telling women in a neighborhood plagued by a rapist that they should not wear short skirts or shorts, as they are asking to be targets.

Haven't heard that one for 30 years. Good to see the NYPD is stuck in the past.

Brooke said...

SG: Indeed.

AOW: Every time Robertson opens his mouth is exasperating. I'm sure you remember his comments regarding leaving a spouse with dementia.

As for the cops, I'm surprised they didn't just go ahead and suggest a burqa.

FJ: Slutwalk. Ugh. Talk about undermining your own message...

Yes, there should be some standard of decency, I agree. :)

Keads: Danke. :)

Jeffrey: I disagree entirely. I should be able to walk out of my front door naked as the day I was born and not expect to be raped. (Arrested/ticketed for indecent exposure, sure...)

I believe that most men seeing too much skin will either shake their head or give a mental 'yeah', but raping? No.

Telling a woman that she deserves it for the way she's dressed takes the onus off of the man TO CONTROL himself. That is why Islamists put women in burqas... Because the slightest bit of flesh inflames a man beyond control.

Chuck: To this day the woman that goes to court against her rapist must defend her character as if she were Mother Theresa. There has been some progress made, but as you said, this is a 30-year throwback in just a couple of minutes.

WomanHonorThyself said...

they should castrate rapists and see how fast it stops!

Chuck said...

Brooke, it's disgusting.

Your comment about walking out naked is dead on (except about the whole walking out naked part). No manner of dress invites rape.

We can argue decency standards all day, and there are certainly men and women that need to dress more appropriately, but it is never an excuse for assault.

USA_Admiral said...

I know you are never suppose to say it but, but can the news get any stranger or worse?

Brooke said...

Chuck: Just a bit of hyperbole to prove a point. ;)

USA: Sometimes it seems not.

Jeffrey L Watts said...

Never said a woman deserves and I both know there are crazy people out there that cannot control themselves. All I'm saying is if there is a rapist lose, take precaution...don't make yourself a "target" by doing certain things.

Brooke said...

Jeff: My precaution is my snubby. :)

Jeffrey L Watts said...

True that! LOL!

cube said...

I agree with AOL. Robertson should've kept out of politics long ago.

The NYPD is sending out the wrong message by addressing womens' provacative outfits. They'd be better off advising women to travel in groups, stay in well-lighted areas, etc.

How do they explain very old women who are raped? Was Granny wearing a G-string, fishnet stockings and stiletto heels? Hardly.

Brooke said...

Cube: I hear 'ya. Or, how do they explain a molester? Was Aisha asking for it?