Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

To all of my blogging friends, have a great Halloween!

Also, check out these pumpkin wins.


USA_Admiral said...

You too!

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Happy Halloween!

Always On Watch said...

Those pumpkin carvings are amazing!

We don't see anything that intricate around here.

A few folks go all out decorating the outside of their houses, however.

Brooke said...

There is a family three houses down that does their whole house up like Christmas lights, except in orange and Halloween yard decorations.

Then, the day after Halloween they simply switch out the lights for Christmas colors/yard decorations.

And when you say all out, that is what they do! No square foot is left untouched! LOL!

cube said...

My brother goes all out for Halloween. We went to his house this year and he was dressed up as a 9 foot killer clown...yes, stilts and all. He scared some kids and quite a few people, too.

Brooke said...

Clowns. Ick.

Reminds me of that really bad movie... And I don't mean IT. ;)

Alligator said...

This must be a honeymoon picture. best wishes to the happy couple.