Friday, September 25, 2009

Down the Nuclear Rabbit Hole

So let me get this straight... Obama scraps the missile shield in Poland, chairs a ridiculous no-nuke meeting at the UN that looks like it could have been torn from the script of Superman Four, and Iran is found out to have a second, secret nuclear plant built inside a mountain just hours after Obama's UN debacle?

And all of this happened in just the span of this week?

Just look at the complete ineffectiveness of Obama's response to the Iranian development:

Dear, God, we're doomed. What's going to happen, 17 U.N. resolutions if Ahmedinejad fails to comply?

Will we let the Holocaust denying maniac who has threatened repeatedly to "wipe Israel off the face of the map" to make good on that promise?

Look at how Dinny smugly denies any wrongdoing. Clearly, he doesn't feel any pressure from Obama, the UN, or the IAEA:

Why do we allow this tyrant, this liar, this Hitler of our time to continue?

Have we no shame? Have we no decency?

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