Sunday, June 1, 2008

School to Students: No Uniforms.

How's this for a sterling example of disdain for our military? 

From this source:   (Video at the site.)
Two Ohio high school seniors are protesting a school decision that will prevent them from wearing their military uniforms on graduation day.

Tony Workman and Will McDonnell want to wear their uniforms instead of their cap and gown as they walk across the stage.

Leaders at Chardon High School near Cleveland said if they allow Workman and McDonnell to wear their uniforms then other students would not want to wear their cap and gowns either.

The district offered a compromise, to allow the pair to carry the school colors in uniform, but so far the students have not accepted the offer.

I wonder if these public school flunkies understand that these young men will soon be wearing those uniforms to protect the school system? 

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