Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cigar Tasting

Tonight the hubby and I have arranged babysitting for the little ones, and we are going to a cigar tasting at our favorite grocery/tobacco/liquor/international store!

 They have a rather nice terrace, and the owner of the Cusano Cigar company will be present to meet, greet and watch folks try his cigars!

I've never been to such an event. The first and last time I smoked in the presence of anyone other than my husband was when I went to Hawaii in April. I imagine it will be nice to mingle with others who love a good cigar.

The package is $15 for the cigars you see in the above picture. I am personally looking forward to trying the...well... I don't know! Although I don't much care for torpedos, they all look SO good! 


Here's a picture of the terrace taken with Dave's cellphone. This was TOO much fun! 

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