Thursday, June 12, 2008

Karl Must Be Spinning In His Grave...

 Hold the phone! Is Cuba finally waking up to the fact that communism/socialism doesn't work?!?

Cuba is to abolish its system of equal pay for all and allow workers and managers to earn performance bonuses, a senior official has announced.

Vice-Minister for Labour Carlos Mateu said the current system - in place since the communist revolution in 1959 - was no longer "convenient".

He said wage differentiation should improve production and services...The minister pointed out that the current wage system sapped employees' incentives to excel since everyone earned the same regardless of performance. "It's harmful to give a worker less than he deserves, it's also harmful to give him what he doesn't deserve," the newspaper article said.

Someone should call the Democrats and let them know that their Che shirts are even more irrelevant now. 

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