Friday, May 25, 2007

Business As Usual

The news this morning is enough to make your head blow right off your shoulders...

The Iraq Spending bill passed by a margin of 80-14 in the Senate, and guess who voted against it?

Shrillary and Obama.

But hey, don't worry, they've got all of their political bases covered...They voted for it before they voted against it:

Clinton voted to authorize the invasion in 2002. She has since become a constant critic of the Bush administration's handling of it but has refused to call her initial vote a mistake. She had adamantly opposed setting a hard deadline for troop withdrawals, but a week ago she voted to advance a bill that would cut off money to force a troop withdrawal by March 2008.

Obama wasn't in the Senate in 2002. But he, like Clinton, prominently shunned earlier proposals to set a fixed timetable for an end to the war only to vote to advance last week's bill that included a date to bring home troops.

And guess what else got slipped into the bill? A $2.10 minimum wage hike.

So much for that promise to run Congress with ethics, huh Dems?

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