Monday, March 12, 2007

Democrats Cancel Debate In Spoiled Temper Tantrum

I'm taking my football and going home... The modus operandi of the sensitive Democratic party.

From, all red type mine:

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (CNN) -- A Nevada Democratic presidential debate that was to have been co-hosted by Fox News Network was canceled by organizers, in part because of a joke by Fox Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes about presidential contender Sen. Barack Obama.

Waaaaa! Don't make fun of me!

Are we having presidential debates already? Did I miss the primaries?

Democrats canceled the debate Friday. They said a comment by Ailes during a Thursday night speech to a group of radio and television news directors indicated the network was biased against their party.

Ooh! Was it yet another hit job from the "vast, right wing conspiracy?" Puh-lease.

"It's true that Barack Obama is on the move," Ailes said, deliberately confusing the Illinois senator's name with that of terrorist leader Osama bin Laden. "I don't know if it's true President Bush called [Pakistan President Pervez] Musharraf and said, 'Why can't we catch this guy?' "

I thought this was funny!

Even before Ailes' remarks, there was intense pressure from the liberal group to cancel the August event as part of its boycott of Fox.

Gee. calling the Democrats shots? Didn't see that one coming...

Ailes has served as a campaign adviser to Republican candidates, including former Presidents Reagan and Bush.

Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards dropped out of the debate Thursday, citing, in part, Fox's participation.

Ann may have been on the mark... This guy is a Prima Donna if ever there was one.

Fox News Vice President David Rhodes responded to the debate cancellation with a written statement saying owns the Democratic Party.

Bwaa-haa-haa! That was my first thought! Kudos to Rhodes for having the cajones to say it!

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