Saturday, April 21, 2012

What's Wrong With This Picture:

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Chuck said...
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Chuck said...

What is the source for this?

It is either very disturbing or very racist.

Disturbing if by a white man and meant to be real.

Or, what I am assuming is the source, is by a minority (or apologist) with the intention of being a depiction of how they see whites.

I find this to be the most disturbingly racist picture I have seen in a long time.

I personally think we are in for a long summer.

Krystal said...

I'm going to go with it meaning to trying to create a belief that white cops are racists who want to kill little innocent black boy.

Promotes hatred by blacks towards whites even though in interracial crimes the victim is usual white and the assailant black.

The artist is obviously a democrat liberal dumb ass.

Did I miss anything?

Brooke said...

Chuck: Here's a source.

I think you're right... It's going to be a looooooong summer.

I actually feel badly for Zimmerman. I'm sorry that Martin was killed, but the former is never, ever going to get a fair trial. He'll be convicted, if for nothing else to avoid riots and blood in the streets.

Thanks, MSM.

And yes, this is one of the most racist things I've seen in quite a while. Just as I said at your blog, imagine if this was reversed... Let's say, a big black dude with a club hanging over a little old white lady at the ballot box, with a Black Panther flag punching out from behind the American one.

Think there would be any outrage?

Krystal: Remember, the MSM just made up the term "white Hispanic" and applied it to Zimmerman?

And yes, I think a Democrat liberal dumb ass is an accurate description.

Jeffrey L Watts said...

Southern cops, handgun owners/concealed carry permit holders, and non blacks are racist. That's it in a nut shell.


Alligator said...

This is propaganda art of the type that you saw published by the Nazis in Germany and the Stalinists in the Soviet Union. Just 4 days ago, our local paper published yet another picture of Martin. He had to be 11 or 12 at the time it was taken.

The adage of "innocent until proven guilty" means nothing in our instant, media driven society. It is impossible for anyone to get a fair trial anymore once a story hits the news wires. Heaven help you if a well-funded Leftist group sees an opportunity to promote their agenda in an event. The waters have been so roiled now, no matter what information comes out in the form of police reports, forensics, eye witness accounts, etc., the Left will scream that it is ""made up" if it in any way reduces culpability of Zimmerman. Fact is, we have some people who want to repeat "Burn, baby, burn" of the 60s if they can.

The Jesse Jacksons', the Al Sharptons', the Van Jones', the New Black Panthers and the media have created a powder keg and now they want to set a match to it. If Obama were really a post-racial president, he could use his bully pulpit to defuse this situation. But he's not going to, just like every other local enforcement issue that he has opined about. Like his pal Immanuel says, "never let a crisis got to waste."

Have you noticed how Zimmerman, a Hispanic is now longer a minority? Now he is synonymous with with "white power" and racism. If it had been Zimmerman shot by a white, it would have been because "whites profile Hispanics." If a black had shot Zimmerman there would be no national news story.

The Seattle Jewish Federation shooting of six women by Naveed Afzal Haq on July 28, 2006, also received minimal national news coverage.

As tragic as the Martin case is, here is another horrific case that has received minimal national coverage. In fact, I learned of it first on foreign news services

Where was Jesse, Al and Obama on this one? Oops. No political mileage here. Not interested. Sorry.

Always On Watch said...

For your consideration: If Obama Had A Son, He'd Look Like Zimmerman. Please take a look!

Speedy G said...

What's wrong with THAT picture? It's a complete inversion of America's reality... better represented by the YouTubevideo of a white tourist in Baltimore getting "clocked" by black teens.

Trevon Martins is a "man bites dog" story. TheYouTube video, on the other hand, is so non-exceptional as to be largely unreported in the MSM.

Alligator said...

Brooke, check this out:

Krystal said...

You KNOW Zimmerman will go down just to prevent riots. I've said many times that I believe there are witnesses that won't come forward due to fear.

Brooke said...

Jeff: That's pretty much it, unless you are a leftist. Then you can tell race jokes and such all day long. Just look at Biden.

Gator: You couldn't be any more correct!

I heard about that story, too, but on talk radio. Of course. this story is black on white crime, and even has an INFANT kidnapping involved, but since it does not fit the MSM agenda we hear not a peep! After all, the perp was black, but it cannot be racially motivated...

Amazing how most real news comes from foreign outlets!

Also, thanks for the link! That is indeed BRILLIANT.

AOW: Great link! HA! As I just said over at IBA, Obama sided with Martin instead of trying to calm the situation because he needs 'cred' with tunnel vision black voters. He probably did a cartwheel when this story 'broke', and the MSM put it right in his lap, obedient servants that they are.

Speedy G: Man bites dog is an excellent description!

Krystal: I've been saying that since the very beginning of this story. Zimmerman has already been hanged by the MSM.

Brooke said...

Looks like we have more justice for Trayvon. I wonder if the MSM or Eric Holder will do anything about this...

cube said...

I don't know who is responsible for this drawing, but I do know who is responsible for spreading lies about this case:

1. MSM
2. "Reverends" Jackson and
3. The Obama administration for
adding fuel to the fire
instead of squelching the
mania. Street cred pResident.

beamish said...

What's wrong with this picture

1.) It seems likely that this cop might actually hit his intended target if he pulls the trigger

2.) Cops usually don't wear their Klansman hoods to work

3.) One of St. Louis' most violent gangs, this rogue outfit that calls itself "The St. Louis Police Department," usually steals cars, not candy.

Brooke said...

Cube: Yep.

Beamish: I do have to wonder when I hear a news report that says an officer discharged their weapon at least a dozen times and only one or two bullets hit the target, if any.

You should've seen the police firing range where I qualified for ccw. Bullet holes in the ceiling!

beamish said...

You should've seen the police firing range where I qualified for ccw. Bullet holes in the ceiling!

Same at the firing range owned by the car theft ring calling itself the "St. Louis Police Department."