Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Most Disturbing Thing You Will See Today:

A bit long, I know, but please do watch:

As the mother of a son who is under evaluation for possible learning and/or behavior issues, I thank God that he has a good teacher that will support him when he has a 'meltdown.' This sickens me beyond my ability to express!

Kudos to this father for being a bulldog for his son!

The distressing follow up.


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Great Father!

cube said...

My eldest daughter wouldn't nap in kindergarten. It was disruptive to the rest of the class, but her teacher came up with a novel solution. She would write something that happened that day and my daughter was to copy it into her copy book and it was called writing in her journal. Worked like a charm.

Her third grade teacher called me in because she thought my daughter had ADD/ADHD. She produced a checklist and was convinced of the diagnosis. Personally, I thought my daughter was a brat who didn't behave well for people she didn't respect, i.e., this teacher.

Let's just say I yelled myself hoarse, but my girl got the message. Behave or else.

Long story short... by the next teacher's conference I was called in and the teacher cried as she told me that it had been a miracle from God, but that my daughter had completely turned around her behavior.

The difference between a true diagnosis of an ADD/ADHD child and one that is misdiagnosed by an incompetent diagnostician, is that one child can't control their behavior and the other can and just doesn't feel like it.

Brooke said...

Agreed. But with my son, hollering only works to a point.

This video depicts a bulldog father exposing an absolutely vile and abusive 'teaching' staff.

Z said...

I can't imagine anyone being so mean to a little child....
I wish you the best with your sweet little boy, Brooke. rock

cube said...

Brooke: I agree that no teacher, or anyone, should speak to a child in that manner. Good for this father who stood up for his son.

Z: Thanks :-)

High-spirited children are a blessing. Imagine what a dreary world it would be if everyone colored within the lines.

USA_Admiral said...

My daughter has autism. After 2 years in the social education system and seeing the radical change in her from the loving child that was sent there to the nervous wreck we had returned to us in the afternoon was the reason why we home school her now.

Brooke said...

Z: Thank you! And I can't imagine such cruelty, either.

Cube: My youngest defies the lines, for sure! LOL!

USA: Good for your family! I wish I had the opportunity to be able to do that!

I have noticed the same thing with Connor, and to a point with Genna. They come back all stressed and hyper. By the time I calm them down, it is time go to bed!

Krystal said...

I also have a special needs son who was abused by a teacher at school (verbally). We homeschool now.

Krystal said...

The follow up is gone. What was in it?

Brooke said...

The follow up pretty much had the dad thanking all of the people who had responded with support for his son and his fight against the teachers.

I would think the video was taken down because in that one, he dropped the teacher's last names. If he's lawyering up, he was probably advised not to have that out there.

Brooke said...

I'm sorry to hear that your son was abused. Thankfully, Connor's teacher this year is wonderful.

I wish that I could homeschool, but thanks to the Obama economy, I must work.