Thursday, April 5, 2012

Steven Crowder Shoots to Kill...

...Idiot leftists!


Sam Huntington said...

Um … he wasn’t arrested because (a) the investigation is on going, (b) Zimmerman did in fact act in self-defense and no violation of the law occurred. Stand your ground law does not allow you “patrol” neighborhoods. This woman is a mental midget.

The other day, some nut bag shot several students at a college in California. The response from some California idiot was, “It is easier to find a gun in America than it is a health care professional.” Ignore the dishonesty for a moment; let’s instead examine California law that does not allow citizens to protect themselves. Why does California think it is appropriate for citizens to remain at the mercy of a potential gunman, whether he is mental or not? Imagine the scenario when the gunman walked into the classroom, drew his weapon, and four other students withdrew their weapons. How many students would have been killed in this scenario? I suspect fewer than seven.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Another liberal news babe idiot!

Krystal said...

Someone tell her that her stupid is showing. She's knows NOTHING! Hysterical how she knows NOTHING but he is totally armed with FACTS!!!

She's all upset about a law that allows an intended victim to defend themself because their assailant might be killed. Then TWICED fails to address the fact that crime has gone DOWN since the Stand Your Ground law was put into place. She doesn't even know what the Stand Your Ground law is.

Like Odie said, "Another liberal news babe idiot!"

Brooke said...

Sam, you are correct!

Odie, she sure is. Good thing I didn't have a brick handy, or I wouldn't be online right now!

Krystal: Hysterical is an accurate description of this blithering news babe.