Tuesday, January 24, 2012

State of The Union/ Romney Releases Tax Records

So... Tonight is the SoTU address by our Dear Leader, Barry Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama.

I wonder if Biden will fall asleep or if Boehner will burst into sudden tears? HA!

I might make some popcorn and watch. It's sure to be a laugh riot. I mean, listening to BHO trying to keep up with the teleprompter and keep a straight face while telling unemployed Americans how he's created tons of jobs and improved our nation's energy efficiency two seconds after killing a major pipeline  while still sporting yet another Hawaii vay-cay tan... You can't write that kind of comedy!

Meanwhile, rhinos and Dems continue to excoriate the apparently gutless Romney for being a rich dude, as if that is at all different than any other politician alive, to the point that he has released his tax documents. (They show that Romney has given literally millions to charity and his church per year... A far sight better than Kerry's $0-ish amounts per year. Prior to Kerry's run of course. Hell, even Al Gore does better at a swelling sum of $353.)

Ladies and gentlemen, this is why a philandering scuz will win the GOP nomination before the too-nice Romney. He simply doesn't know how to play da' game! He doesn't have the teeth!

If I were on Romney's council, I would tell him to release his tax documents (even though BBHSO hasn't released his birth certificate or college records) and be proud as HELL of being a rich Mo'FO!!!

He should be saying, "Rich? Hell yes, I'm rich! You really want a poor guy who lives paycheck to paycheck or, like Newtie, a rich guy who never works a day in his life and instead gets on the payroll of a corrupt government organization in exchange for doing *ahem* historical work in charge of this economy?!? I UNDERSTAND and have PWNED the tax code, all while contributing generously from my own smartly made largess! Doesn't that sound like the sort of thing America needs right now to get this economy straight?"

Exit stage, AWWW YEAHH.

Or something to that effect. ;)


USA_Admiral said...

I will have to tune in, i may need a barf bag because the guy makes me sick with his lies and platitudes.

-FJ said...


Chuck said...

I think the GOP needs to make hay about Romney v Obama giving.

This is the problem with the GOP, they don't recognize a gift when they see it.

Z said...

"hell yes, I'm RICH" ...perfect.
Can anybody tell us who DIDN'T think Romney was RICH? gad

There are polls now saying that as Gingrich rises as the frontrummer, Obama's also going up in reelection assuredness. DISGUSTING.

MAN, I WISH Romney could grow a spine and tell 'em ALL off like that awful Newt does (for attention and because he knows so many Conservatives like the leftwing media to have the truth thrown at them FINALLY)


Brooke said...

As for Biden, I did catch him texting a couple of times! LOL!

USA: I hope you didn't eat anything too heavy before 2100! I'm pretty sure my head exploded at least a dozen times.

FJ: :) at 'cha!

Chuck: You're right. It's like you hand the GOP a nail, and they try to make it work with a screwdriver.

If they had any sense at all, they would play the sound bite over and over in which Obama basically said the SoTU is not strong, and then say something along the lines of 'this is what four years of Obama has gotten America? Can she really take four more?'

Z: Preach, it, sista'! I love it when you get on a rant! :)

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I refuse to watch someone lie to me for over an hour.