Thursday, September 29, 2011

Perry: Dhimmi Candidate.

I don't know about you, but I'm sick of leaders that bow to Muslims.

Stick a fork in Perry, he's done. 

What is not yet as widely known about Perry is that he extends his taxpayer-funded compassion not only to illegal aliens but also to Muslim groups seeking to whitewash the violent history of that religion. Perry endorsed and facilitated the adoption in Texas public schools of a pro-Muslim curriculum unit developed by Muslim clerics in Pakistan.
Perry’s connections to Muslim groups in Texas are well documented. A recent Christian Science Monitor story said, “Perry has attended a number of Ismaili events in Texas, brokered a few agreements between the state and Ismailis (including the legislation introducing Islamic curricula into Texas schools), and even laid the first brick at the groundbreaking ceremony for an Ismaili worship center in Plano in 2005.”
The Muslim Histories and Cultures (MHC) project was formalized in 2004 in a signed agreement between the University of Texas at Austin and Aga Khan University in Pakistan. The announcement of the MHC project credited Gov. Perry by name with being “instrumental” in its launch.
The agreement calls for an extensive program of bi-cultural teacher training funded jointly by both parties. More than 200 Texas teachers have been trained in the program, which is ongoing. The project’s curriculum units were initially available for viewing on the university’s website, but have since been scrubbed from the Internet. It appears Texas officials do not want the curriculum examined by Texas taxpayers.
Islam scholar Robert Spencer, head of Jihad Watch, examined the program and concluded, “The curriculum is a complete whitewash and it’s got the endorsement of Perry. It’s not going to give you any idea why people are waging jihad against the West — it’s only going to make you think that the real problem is ‘Islamophobia.’”
Perhaps Spencer exaggerates the curriculum’s bias? Examine it for yourself here.
Perry’s close ties to Muslim groups led the political blog Salon to headline a recent story: “Rick Perry: The pro-Sharia candidate?” Evidence in support of that theme comes from Gov. Perry’s refusal to support legislation sponsored by Texas Republican legislators to outlaw Sharia law in Texas.


Joe Conservative said...

There's always Bachmann and/or Caine.

USA_Admiral said...

The primaries bring this stuff out. I agree Brooke I think he is done (as far as I am concerned).

Brooke said...

I'm liking Cain/Rubio so far.

Chuck said...

I think I'm getting over Perry pretty quickly.

Alligator said...

Ditto. I'm getting over Perry as well. I've been optimistic about Cain. Bachmann, I like her but I think it is better right now with her staying in the House of Reps.

republicanmother said...

I look at the Muslim issue a different way. Who is importing them here? Did you know that since the late 90s, the refugee immigration program passed from the US State Department to the UN? We have globalists bringing Muslims in our country. You will also note that globalists such as David Rockefeller gave money to those organizations that gave to the Ground Zero Mosque.

Follow the money to answer all your earthly questions.