Monday, September 26, 2011

Gaffomatic pResident.

Amazing gaffes, lies and ummmmsss... A bit long, but worth the watch:

And you know that the rich should pay the same taxes as the Joooos, um, I mean JANITORS:

Dont' forget that Barry's uncle helped to liberate Auschwitz.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I submit, once again, that this president should be impeached and the MSM tried and convicted for criminal negligence.


Z said...

If that had been Bush, OH MY GOD, would the media have done him in.

What kind of president of the United States says "Give me a BREAK" and plays SUCH class warfare, Brooke? He misinterprets, he skews, he is SO PANDERING to the poor voter and the unthinking rich lefties........gad, what a disaster he is...what a dishonest, horrid, prevaricator.

Always On Watch said...

The mainstream media's silence is deafening.

Thersites said...

Freudian slips are KILLER. It tells you what was REALLY on his mind.

USA_Admiral said...

He cannot tell the truth even to save his presidency. I don't think he can string together one group of coherent thoughts to save his life, let alone say them.

beamish said...

A week of irony, no doubt.

After Obama called out the black militia to "put its boots on" and suggested Jews don't pay enough taxes, the DEMOCRAT governor of North Carolina suggested we fix the economy by not holding any more elections.

Now, Germany is calling Obama's advice that they give up their AAA credit rating with a corporatist takeover of their economy "stupid."


Alligator said...

Obama and Biden would make a good vaudeville act if it wasn't so scary.

I remember all the stupid hippies and activists types in the 60s, shouting "Democracy now" and "Power to the people." Now that they are in office, they sure seem to want to shut that rhetoric down and do away with those pesky elections and that annoying Constitution that's blocking "progress."

Of course, running a country or a state is easier for any politician when there is no mechanism for anyone to criticize or oppose you if you screw up. Just ask Castro, Chavez or Putin.

Brooke said...

Great comments, all!