Friday, September 30, 2011

Anwar-al-Awlaki Dead

Now that Annie has been taken out, I hope the glorious shaheed thoroughly enjoys his 72 virgins in Allah's sky-brothel:

Bonus internet points to anyone who shops a picture of Annie's boys, as promised by the Koran:

(QURAN 52:24): "And there will go round boy-servants of theirs, to serve them as if they were preserved pearls."
(QURAN 56:17): "They will be served by immortal boys."
(QURAN 76:19): "And round about them will (serve) boys of everlasting youth. If you see them, you would think them scattered pearls."
It is common in Arabic poetry to glorify homosexuality, take their famous poet Abu Nuwas:
O the joy of sodomy!
So now be sodomites, you Arabs.
Turn not away from it--
therein is wondrous pleasure.
Take some coy lad with kiss-curls
twisting on his temple
and ride as he stands like some gazelle
standing to her mate.
A lad whom all can see girt with sword
and belt not like your whore who has
to go veiled.
Make for smooth-faced boys and do your
very best to mount them, for women are
the mounts of the devils.


Chuck said...

Sorry, I just vomited in my mouth.

cube said...

I like the al-Awlaki being dead part, but that poem is disgusting.