Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Laugh Riot:

I just can't take it...

Obama hamstrings us when it comes to energy...

And it sure does suck to be surrounded. Don't worry though; I'm sure Obama will handle this well.

Would you Bring a beanbag to a gunfight?

The UN thumbs its nose at us with it's blatant hypocrisy. 

Iran is now on the UN Commission on the Status of Women. Seriously.

I shit you not.

And last but not least, if you want to pass through a Florida turnpike (don't get me started on those) you'd best have your papers handy.


BATMAN said...

The police state continues to grow. And the lefties threw a fit with Bush and all his civil rights violations.

Silence is deafening.

Chuck said...

The UN has gone beyond ridiculous.

Always On Watch said...

I'm not surprised that Saudi is calling up more troops to control the protesters. Islam and democracy are incompatible -- and that incompatibility includes Islam forbidding demonstrations against the Allah-given dynasty of the House of Saud.

WomanHonorThyself said...

it almost seems like a Parody doesnt it Brooke..........~!!

Brooke said...

It seems like every single day the news gets more and more absurd.

If Saudi falls to riots, we are in it for sure with our current admin.

cube said...

The situation becomes more insane with every passing day. It is why sometimes I post about science, math, humor, star trek, anything but the crazy world we inhabit.

BTW did you happen to notice that one of the comments in the Florida Turnpike story was from someone who was called Darmok and Jilad at Tanagra? I got a kick out of that.

Brooke said...

OMG, Cube, that is the most infuriating TNG or Trek episode ever, EVER!!!

Don't get me started... So they had language but it devolved while they became warp capable?!?

How the hell long does it take to order a course correction at warp four?