Thursday, March 10, 2011

ADD Moment

OK. I'm having an undirected mental moment. Please scroll down for more meaty stuff.

I'm just going to go ahead and ask the question you of course already know the answer to.

Would this fly more more than a millisecond if it were called "Good Muslim Bitches"?

Next, we all know and don't care about how insane Charlie Sheen is.

I do have to know just one thing, though. If he's out there winning so much, why is he ranting in a Cincinnati Reds shirt?


WomanHonorThyself said...

amen sista..we live in an upside down universe Brooke...Have a great rest of the day my friend~!:)

USA_Admiral said...

Enjoy the rest.

Christians are easy pickings in America today.

I don't know why Sheen is all the rage unless a lot of people like watching a train wreck.

I was surprised it was not a Braves Jersey in homage to his "Major League" Days.

beamish said...

Charlie Sheen is fun of win. He'd beat Obama in a landslide.

Imagine that debate.

Brooke said...

Angel: Every day it gets weirder.

USA: Christians are easy picking because companies like ABC know that their execs won't be beheaded and their building burned to the ground.

Heh. Sheen probably wouldn't put on a Braves jersey because the folks from Cleveland would kick the crap out of him. :)

I think he should've put on a Bengals jersey. That would have been far funnier.

Brooke said...


At least Sheen can string a sentence together without a teleprompter. As for how much sense it would make... I still give Sheen more credit.

cube said...

With the exception of white males, Christians are one of the few groups in the US that can be picked on with impunity. Basically because they're busy working, raising their families and don't have the time to froth at the mouth over the slightest outrage and plan to strap on bombs and/or come to your house and behead you.

Sheen is a manic-depressive who is near a depressive period. I think he'll shut up then until he becomes manic again.

I have no idea why he's wearing what he's wearing. Maybe he just likes blue.

Z said...

Today I asked a friend exactly that question "How do you think people would react to GOOD MUSLIM BITCHES?
And yes, we hear nothing from the Christians...and the producer will be the SEX AND THE CITY producer so we all know what this sitcom will be like.
Sheen is INSANE and I hope they wrap him in a straight jacket before he kills himself.
sort of.

beamish said...

I think Charlie Sheen is brilliant. Y'all just don't have tiger blood. ;)

Chuck said...

Would this fly more more than a millisecond if it were called "Good Muslim Bitches"?

That was one of my first thoughts. Do notice though that the Christians aren't out rioting in the streets.

Alligator said...

This is the first I've heard of this proposed show. I'd venture most Christians don't know yet either. But that is why the web works for us...I don't think the alphabet networks will mention it at all. But the point is well taken, Christians don't riot in the street, stone or behead people who disagree with them or even blaspheme their creator and savior, like adherents of one particular faith does. Therefore, we are 'easy pickings' in the minds of the illiberal lefties in Hollywood. Still I think we can stand up and bring pressure to bear with their sponsors. When they don't make money, they go away.

Alligator said...

Oh, as far as Sheen goes, I feel kind of sorry for him. I hope his family gets him help because I see a guy who is about to self destruct, and I don't just mean career wise. I think he has serious mental issues going on there.

Dennis Miller notes that it is sad that Sheen is melting down but says says that on the other hand, his one-liners and zingers are comic gold.

Brooke said...

It could be that Sheen has been a'trollin'.