Friday, January 28, 2011


I don't know about you, but I'm getting quite sick of the left invoking Reagan's name to make themselves more appealing come election time, especially on this day, the anniversary of the tragic Challenger explosion and Reagan's ensuing speech. 

It seems that TIME is cashing in on Reagan's memory to prop up Obama. The February cover this year will feature Reagan warmly patting Obama on the back. It seems like just yesterday that they would not hesitate to diss Reagan as a doddering, mentally addled fool.

How things change when your president likely has no hope of being re-elected.

Found at iOwnTheWorld.

The first image is the TIME magazine cover. The second is what IOTW imagines would really occur:


BATMAN said...

The left can't stand Reagan but will compare Obama to him in the hopes of getting his numbers up...along with my blood pressure ;)

Love the 2nd pic!

Chuck said...

Think we'll be using Obama 20 - 25 years to prop up some weak Republican President?


Paul Champagne said...


Nuff said

Anonymous said...

Obama is to Reagan what Michelle is to beauty.

cube said...

The very liberals who are using Reagan to prop up their empty suit president now, were the first to tear Reagan apart at every opportunity while he was President.

Hypocrisy most foul.

There is NOTHING Reaganesque about Obama... well, they unless you mean both are bi-pedal, carbon-based hominids.

Brooke said...

AH-HA-HA, all.

Cube: I would argue even that.

Alligator said...

Saw an interesting commentary, I can't remember who it was though. This is just one more example that Obama and his people don't "get it." They hate Reagan and everything he stood for, so why are they now trying to identify the O with him? They think it was Reagan's "techniques" that made him such a popular president. In their view of the world, it is the only thing that makes sense, therefore, if they imitate Reagan's "techniques, Obama too will become popular. They just don't have a clue - it's substance and what came from the heart that made Reagan popular. He was plain spoken and sincere and recognized the uniqueness of America in world history and the positive things that have been done. The attempts of Team Obama to identify with Reagan will by nature, remain hollow and shallow and obvious to most Americans who remember the Reagan presidency.

Brooke said...

I could not agree more