Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kucinich Plays the Litigation Lottery

Cue The X-Files theme: Moonbat Democrat Dennis Kucinich is suing the fiscal failure that is the Congressional Cafeteria for $150,000 after supposedly biting into a sandwich containing an olive pit in April, 2008.

The poor Democratic Congressman alleges that he has "sustained serious and permanent dental and oral injuries requiring multiple surgical and dental procedures, and has sustained other damages as well, including significant pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment."

Funny, I suffer from significant pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment every time Kucinich opens his mouth...

I propose that Kucinich is probably getting the you and I to pay for dental work that he might have had done anyway. Or maybe the aliens put the olive pit there and he couldn't figure out how to sue them. Who knows?

Ladies and gentlemen, your tax dollars at work.


Z said...

that "loss of enjoyment" part just cracked me UP.

I didn't realize it was the CONGRESSIONAL CAFETERIA! Oh, my GOSH! :-)

Whitey Lawful said...

He must of been chomping rather hard and fast? I guess tort reform is not an option?

WomanHonorThyself said...

and more and more of our tax dollars I might add Brooke..jeez louise!

Chuck said...

I think he accidently bit his tin foil hat.

Always On Watch said...

Some years ago, a woman sued a restaurant when she bit into an oyster containing a pearl. She lost the case as the judge ruled that she should have been more careful with the way she chomped down on that oyster.

Of course, that case was years ago. Since that time, common sense has departed litigation courtrooms.

Alligator said...

Gee, I guess this just proves how bad and inferior Congress' health care plan is if Dennis "Close Encounters" Kucinich has to sue the government owned and operated cafeteria to fix his chompers. Sheesh.

In the immortal words of Bugs Bunny, "What a maroon."

Brooke said...

Z: I know; loss of enjoyment? Ugh. Also, I did not realize the Congressional Cafeteria was still a thing that exists. I thought they had declared bankruptcy a while back!

Gov't can't even run a cafeteria...

WL: Heh. Heh, heh.

Angel: I know. Robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Chuck: Heehee. Maybe the Martian Manhunter put the pit there.

AOW: Yes. Did you hear about the DOCTOR that sued a restaurant because he didn't know how to <a href=">eat an artichoke? </a>

Gator: That's the irony! Other than self-payers, who else in this country has better provider care?!?


Anonymous said...

Are we sure Dennis wasn't also born in Kenya?

Brooke said...

Or Mars?

beamish said...

I hope Kucinich wins his case.

Then we can sue the federal government for every bit of "losss of enjoyment" we've had from things cooked up on the Congressional floor.