Monday, January 24, 2011

Odumber, Embarrassment or Red?

Check this out. 

I can't figure it. Obama is either the most stupid, incompetent president in our nation's history, or he is as red as they come.

It is inconceivable to me that NO ONE bothered vetting what the pianist was going to perform, so I tend to lean more to the latter. I wonder if Obama and his ilk were laughing up their sleeves the whole time?

That no one 'noticed' at a time when tensions are so high with the Norks is even more of an embarrassment.

Speaking of Chinese and Obama, how do you like this bit of socialistic legislation reeking of ObamaCare?

I am all for organ donation; I am a donor myself. I figure if something catastrophic happens I won't be using it anyway and someone else may as well... But that is MY CHOICE. To assume is just wrong. What do you think?


Chuck said...

Mao Christmas ornaments, cabinet members admiring Mao, chummy with Hugo Chavez, opening up Cuba. The anecdotal evidence is starting to add up.

Sam Huntington said...

Yes, it is what we despicable Americans deserve in our own White House. I guess we'd all better get used to eating with chop sticks!

Does anyone know if they make Mao condoms.

Z said...

Sam....we have's too late for Mao condoms :-)

I'm with Chuck....too much smoke to be no fire and that piano thing was DETESTABLE. Is it only in the conservative news? Anybody seen it anywhere else?

re organ donors... I am not a donor but plan on changing that when I get around to it...but, as you say, Brooke, that's my choice...not the government's.

USA_Admiral said...

Red, Red, Red and red some more.

0bama want's to be a communist dictator.

Brooke said...

Obama the pinko... Commie lite.

For now.

beamish said...

I am all for organ donation; I am a donor myself. I figure if something catastrophic happens I won't be using it anyway and someone else may as well... But that is MY CHOICE. To assume is just wrong. What do you think?

I think it's so f-ed up goofy wrong that only leftists would call it "art."

Always On Watch said...

What Chuck said! Chuck is right to remind us of the Mao ornaments on the Obamas' Christmas tree.

No way do I believe that the White House didn't know the significance of the song that Lang Lang played.

And, if by some chance the entire White House were ignorant of the facts behind the song, then why hasn't the White House issued a press release repudiating the song?

Alligator said...

Mao and Christmas ornaments. They go together like oil and water, heaven and hell. I saw pictures of them, sheer lunacy, in fact downright evil. The chairman is the antithesis of everything Christmas represents, the spiritual and even the secular versions of it. Of course, we had Democrats in the 1930s and 40s who admired the worker's paradise of Poppa Joe Stalin as the way of the future.

WomanHonorThyself said...

the whole world is just mocking out self hatred Brooke..sick!

cube said...

Some of us stupid proles have begun to put the pieces together and have concluded that this isn't mere incompetence (comon, nobody can be that stupid), it is a full frontal train wreck towards socialism.

The question is, "How do we stop it?"

Whitey Lawful said...

The commie was a media guidepost of hipster white guilt. Why would MSNBC rid themselves of their star commentator - perhaps Pat Buchanan made friends with one of the producers?

Brooke said...

Beamish: F'ed up, indeed!

As I recall, only in certain 'progressive' European arenas were the reproductive organ focus in Bodies shown with the preserved engaged in a sex act.

Didn't fly here, at least not yet...

AOW: Yes! There has been no repudiation because the WH figures we are all to dumb to catch the significance or, more likely, they do not object at all.

Gator: Progs are insane, are they not?

Angel: Yes.

Cube: Blow up the tracks?

WL: Thanks for stopping by.

Communists, or progs as they like to be called are indeed real. Only when there is high public push back or one does something blatantly (for now) illegal do they get fired.

Alligator said...

Obama and Janet Napalitano have both mde it clear the Federal government cannot and will not secure the border, but that is not going to stop them from wanting to secure our guns:

Brooke said...

Are we at all surprised by this?

To hell with personal security! MexAmeriCanada is happening, and a socialist gov't certainly doesn't want the average citizen to possess a weapon to defend themselves from the govt!