Monday, December 20, 2010

A poorly guarded Mexican prison just across the border from Laredo, Texas allowed "about" 140 inmates to escape on Friday.

Gee, I wonder where they'll go?

Officials think that between 141 and 148 prisoners got away. That's right, they don't even know who's gone, but they figure it was about ten percent of the jail's total population. Although unsure of exactly which prisoners they're missing, the government says that most of the jail houses violent offenders, mostly Gulf and Zeta gang members in on drug and weapons charges.

According to the Mexican government, this sort of thing happens frequently because undertrained, underpaid and overworked guards can make more from the gangs by turning a blind eye.

But don't worry. We don't need to protect our border... The left tells us that only the poor Mexicans who want a job and live quietly in the shadows come here; you know, "undocumented immigrants." I'm sure these violent gang members know that too, and went south, right?

Sure. And once again, we have silence from our midstream media on the matter.



Always On Watch said...

Gee, I wonder where they'll go?

Planning a raid on the nearest gringo ranch or other gringo residence, no doubt.

Who were the guards on duty?

Brooke said...

The story is very vague on that, but I suspect that prison staff were on a gang payroll. Since the Mexican gov't cannot or will not challenge the gangs due to most being corrupt and those who are not being in fear of getting murdered, we shall likely never know.

Alligator said...

The average Mexican I've met is family oriented, socially conservative and religiously very Catholic. However their government has been overtaken by corruption and the narco-terrorist animals are taking over society. The danger posed by this situation has not yet fully born its fruit and I don't think the good folks in Washington D.C. really understand what's going on, or they simply don't care. It just doesn't fit in with you elitist Utopian vision.

Brooke said...

My bet is the latter, especially since the Dems are clamoring to purchase votes with legislation like the 'Dream Act.'

cube said...

It's very likely that the guards and/or the warden were either bribed or threatened with death if they didn't comply. The corruption in Mexico is endemic and it must be countered before the situation improves. One big reason why we must reinforce OUR border.